In my opinion one of the MOST crucial and significant steps in a skincare routine has to be anti-ageing eye cream. Eye wrinkles are a big age giveaway and I personally would rather protect and nourish the skin around my eyes whilst i'm in my 20's so that when i reach my 30's I'm not running to a harley street clinic to have them sorted out! (I'm not saying I definitely would do this but I would rather take good care of the skin around my eyes now to prevent stress later on! not to mention a hefty bill haha)

The two eye creams I've been consistently using are the Environ AVST Eye Gel and the Origins cult classic GinZing Eye Cream. Both amazing but for different reasons which is why I use both daily...taking these extra precautions should hopefully pay off!

Origins GinZing Eye Cream is an instant morning-after SAVIOUR, results are immediate making tired, puffy eyes look brighter and more awake a real go-to that I use every morning without fail. I love the texture of this illuminating cream and the way it makes my under-eye concealer hold better to. It's £20 and you can buy it here.

Environ AVST Eye Gel is more of a longterm anti-ageing product to help soften the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and give a firmer and overall lifted look to the eyes. It's packed full of vitamin A and antioxidants and is great for night time application, you will wake up feeling far more refreshed and then with the help of GinZing your eyes will be as bright as can be!
Buy it in salon at Blush + Blow London. 

Environ Eye Gel Vs Origins GinZing Eye Cream

Monday, 23 January 2017

Wow wow wow…the newest Chanel fragrance is out and all over me every single day since the day my lovely Mum bought it for me for christmas - it’s that good I literally can’t stop wearing it. 

It was a risk for Chanel to medal with a classic like No.5 that has been worn for generations and sworn by for years but thank goodness they took that risk because did it pay of…in short YES its just wonderful. This fragrance smells fresh and light but powerful and timeless and very, very wearable everyday no matter the season or weather outside it has the undeniable power to lift you up at one spritz. 

The new No.05 is composed around citrus zests, aldehydes, ylang-ylang, cedar and white musk notes and has been created by Oliver Polge who has respected the classic essence of No.05 but bringing a newness to it that for me, beats the original the fold. 

£65 50ml, Buy it here


Thursday, 19 January 2017

During my years of working in this industry and naturally meeting the vast amount of people I have in both the PR and the journalism world- including some of the most powerful and established entrepreneurs in the industry, to the top dogs at some of the biggest brands and fashion houses in the country- I can honestly and whole heartedly say I have never met anyone like Bridget O’Keeffe.
Bridget, if you didn’t already know is founder of Blush + Blow.
kate-nielen-photography-22-1Blush + Blow is by far the coolest, swankiest and most well thought-out blow dry and beauty salon in not only Fulham but in London (I want to say in the whole of the UK but I don’t want this post to sound like i’m fluffing it up in any way- but honestly, it absolutely kills it on ALL levels).
B+B goes above and beyond expectations in every possible way and smashes down beauty salon standards in terms of treatment offerings, treatment price points and the overall luxurious and ‘home from home’ experience that I think we can all agree is SO hard to find when looking for a luxury beauty hub that delivers on all accounts.
There’s just no two ways about it, nothing like Blush + Blow exists and thats all down the INCREDIBLY talented, enviously ambitious and the undeniably beautiful soul (on both the inside and out) belonging to the woman behind it. Having a natural talent for business, beauty and not being afraid of a challenge is one thing but the pure love and devotion Bridget puts into every single aspect of her business and every person she meets is what really sets her apart from anyone else.
I might be hard to believe it when I say that I’m not being biased because I have the pleasure work with Bridget and I’m lucky enough to represent her amazing business and soon-to-be beauty salon empire (watch this space) but I truly mean it, she’s one of a kind and Blush + Blow completely reflects her. Go check it out, I know you you’ll be blown away (pardon the pun).


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Ok, I know I'm late to the party with this one but I can't help but share my love for Tangle Teezer's especially with the launch of two AMAZING new brushes to add to my trusty compact styler. Now I have a squad of fabulous brushes and I couldn't be happier about it!
The multi-award winning detangling brush has ramped it up a notch with the launch of The Ultimate and The Round Tool.
This brush works wonders in completing your style and adding that perfect finishing touch. Created to dry-style hair as the teeth are longer with softer tips, the brush lightly detangles hair and smooths the cuticles of the hair leaving it looking nothing short of on-point.
Its the perfect brush to achieve an up-do style and to add volume to the hair too and is excellent with hair extensions, which is a big bonus It's very hard to find a brush that actually enhances the look of extensions and this brush does exactly that, it doesn't pull at all and leaves hair looking volumised and beautiful. I also love the handle design to this brush, makes it easier to hold when brushing your hair into a ponytail.
The Black Ultimate Brush £15 Buy it here
This innovative brush takes hair from wet to dry and leaves it looking smoothed to perfection in a salon-worthy way!
I have never in my life been able to use a round brush to blow dry my hair at home, my hair always gets tangled up in the brush and it just causes me a lot of stress and wasted time. This brush is a true game changer and I think everyone needs one in their life. The teeth of the brush pick up the hair at the root for great lift and volume and the hair easily snakes through the teeth without getting tangled up like most round brushes do. This brush takes away excess water making drying time super quick and the best bit is, you don't need to go over your hair with straighteners as it leaves hair so smooth and shiny! HUGE thumbs up from me!
The Large Round Tool Brush £18 Buy it here


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

To sum it up in one sentence Seed hair salon is a rustic, unique, relaxed and very 'cool' salon in terms of interior, vibe and professional offering and delivers standout results at very reasonable prices- there you go, you know the answer to whether I rate or hate this salon so now onto the finer details and reasons why I regard Seed so highly.
Well lets start with food, (always top of my list!)…Being given a bowl of juicy grapes with my yummy coffee was a personal highlight to my visit…(and i know they also give their clients bowls of olives with glasses of wine when it hits wine o’clock- amazing doesn’t even cover it) I honestly think its all about the little touches that make this salon so special and keeps their incredibly loyal clients coming back and their staff happy to be at work which is hard not to notice- genuinely happy vibes at Seed…After a lovely chat with Francesca one of the owners of Seed she tells me that turnover is low with hairdressers working here since the very beginning of Seed when it opened its doors in Fulham 7 years ago.
Now there are two salons, one in Fulham and one in Clapham and it just totally ‘works’- its comfortable, cool and edgy (so you’ll want to instagram the hell out of it) but seed also offers a professional service that you can rely on and will keep coming back for. I’m not sure what else you could want from a salon unless you want super high-end luxury, you know the sorts of salons i’m referring to here- the salons where you feel like you should wash your hair before you arrive due to fear that your stylist will judge you for turning up with greasy roots- who needs that sort of added stress in their lives?! Not me thats for sure. I’d much rather be in a salon where you know what you’re getting and you feel happy, relaxed and well fed and watered…unlike some salons where they charge you £4 for a cup of english breakfast (yes this is the case with many 'luxury' salons and is a real liberty when you're spending £'s on your hair colour). Seed- you are a FAB find and I’ll be back for sure. Thank you so much for having me and for such a wonderful experience-both me and my hair are happy bunnies indeed and my colour is spot on. 
P.S I highly recommend having the Olaplex treatment with your hair colour- my hair has never looked so healthy, shiny and generally AMAZING!
The Glossy Blog seal of approval for sure. 
To book your next hair appointment at Seed Hair Salon click here.


Monday, 16 January 2017

A friend of mine told me about the Living Proof hair care range a while ago and as I’d never come across it in stores or heard of the brand before so I was instantly intrigued, especially as she was giving the brand such rave reviews!
It’s a real challenge for me to find a shampoo I like enough to stick to and that I feel makes a big enough difference to my hair to keep reusing and invest in long-term. I’ve tried all the big brands, L’Oreal Professionel, TIGI, Kerastase, Davines (love the serums but the shampoo / conditioner doesn't work for me and leaves my hair greasy) – and practically every single time I come to pretty much the same verdict… I love the smell and the way my hair feels after washing and drying but it just gets too greasy far too quickly when I use these ‘super hair brands’ as I like to call them. So naturally, I’m always on the hunt for a show-stopping shampoo and conditioner duo that I can actually stick with for the long haul! I’ve been using the Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Conditioner for the last 2 months and my hair has been SO shiny, noticeably hydrated and manageable – plus hasn’t got greasy in the first 12 hours of washing it! Bonus. 
My hair has been in need of extra TLC after my summer of travels and most recently having retuned from Grenada where my sun was exposed to sun, chlorine and sea water leaving my tresses in need of love! Luckily, Living Proof Restore has provided a lot of love for my hair and came at exactly the right time.
I’ve recently had some Gold Class Hair Extensions applied and there are only certain shampoos you can use as you can’t use any products that contain sulphates so this brand is ideal. Its silicone and sulphate-free and gives my extensions a huge and much needed hydration boost! My hair feels incredible after using it! 
Great for both natural hair and extensions, I give Living Proof a BIG thumbs up and will definitely be buying another bottle of this shampoo and conditioner! 


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Venice is a very special place for me, being the place myself and my girlfriend (not anymore!) got engaged earlier this year... I don't know what I expected from the city but it surpassed my wildest imagination could have hoped for.
If you've ever been to Venice you'll know that the floating city should be the 8th wonder of the world... a beautiful bustling island in the middle of a blue lagoon that for centuries has been the flawless sapphire in Italy's crown and gateway to the world... Arguably the most famous Venetian son -Marco Polo and many other merchants of this romantic city set sail from Venice to trade with the east returning with spices, foods and other-worldly goods that we only could of dreamed of back then. These discoveries cemented Venice' everlasting and historic role in the Art and tradition of perfumery.
 Many of these foreign treasures make up the elements of Venetian Blue, the new fragrance from historic perfume house The Merchant Of Venice. A perfumery as beautiful and seductive as its namesake by William Shakespeare.
  This distinctively unique fragrance begins sparkly - Citrus notes fused with apple and pineapple before developing with a mix of spices and patchouli. Deep mossy notes are later carried out with Birch and Black Pepper. Venetian Blue is masculine but with a delicate heart to it. The glass deep blue bottle is a nod to Venice' famous glass from Murano too.
Venetian Blue is Perfect encapsulates unforgettable memories of gondola rides down winding canals, aperitifs before dinner overlooking the Rialto and exploring every hidden corner of this magical city on a blue Venetian night.
This is a real all-rounder in my book, great for all occasions but still defining and suave for making a real statement. 
Passers by will swoon as if you were Venice's famous other son...Casanova.
Venetian Blue is available exclusively at House of Fraser - 100ml for £120
By James Shand


Thursday, 12 January 2017

After trying all sorts of makeup brushes and sponges and never feeling totally satisfied with the end result the brush hunt was very much on...well that was until Iconic London came into my life and delivered the amazing Evo brush collection. A game-changing set of brushes you need to add to your christmas wish list!
The brushes are famously cruelty free and feature a new sturdy diamond-shaped handle making them easy and really comfortable to hold and use. The Evo brushes cleverly adapt to the contours of the face and are easy to navigate around the entire surface of the face, making the process completely fluid.
The shape of the brushes are oval and the dense bristles result in a flawless, airbrushed finish. I'm completely obsessed and have been so excited to wake up and apply my makeup using these brushes, they're such a joy to use! The big bonus to these brushes is how gorgeous they look too, probably the most instagrammable brush set out there.
001- Perfect for foundation, bronzer and setting powder
002- Slightly smaller than 001. Perfect for foundation, blending out contour, bronzer, blusher and setting powder
003 - Perfect to sculpt out your cheekbones
004 - Perfect to highlight, contour and conceal
005 - Perfect for eyeliner, brows and lip perfecting
006 - The best concealer brush you will ever use, also great to contour and highlight nose and smaller areas. Ideal for eyeshadow and defining


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

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