Thursday, 5 January 2017

This amazing sheet mask is the definition of getting the GLOW in one simple step! I never fly without a sheet mask packed into my carry-on, I apply it mid flight to give my skin a boost of much needed hydration and arrive at my destination with gorgeously glowing skin. Gone are the days of post-flight bad skin!
The Su-Man facial glow rejuvenating facemask is an intensive complexion-loving power mask that mimics the structure of the skin with a 3D net face mask.
Its clever design has been created to deeply and lovingly hydrate, plump and visibly brighten the skin in just 10 minutes.
I would describe the feeling of this mask as refreshing, nourishing and very relaxing, it’s almost like having a facial at home minus the touch of your facialists hands on your face. This mask is a fantastic way to get the benefits of a professional facial but in the comfort and convenience of your own home.
The mask is made up of coconut water, purple orchid and marine water concentrate combined with anti-ageing peptides and Tranexamic acid.
I’ve tried and tested many face masks and have always been obsessed with the Talika sheet masks but this one is a strong contender and I’ll definitely be purchasing another one.
4 Su Man face masks for £42 buy here

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