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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Since I hit my 26 birthday (I'm not pretending this is any age of concern I promise) I've been extra concerned about preventing fine lines from ever appearing and making sure my complexion is looking as youthful, plump and radiant as possible.

So with this in mind I decided it was time I supercharged my anti-ageing skin regime and what better time to do this than whilst I'm soundly sleeping! Allowing my skin to properly rest up and soak up the powerful concoction of ingredients that Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and Eye Cream is bursting with seemed like the best way to achieve the end result, and guess what- I was right! 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 

Named their #1 anti ageing serum, Advanced Night Repair has become quite the icon in the skincare world and I can most definitely see why, what a HERO product! I can't believe I've been without it all this time.
Apply after cleansing and before your night-time moisturiser before you go to bed every night and I'm almost certain you will see an improvement in your skins lustre, let alone smoother lines if you have them. Using ChronoluxCB™ technology this serum maximises the power of the skin's natural nighttime renewal and works to reveal a glowing, younger complexion. 

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Advanced Night Repair Eye

This anti-ageing daily eye treatment is proven to reduce the look of every key visible sign of eye ageing from fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and uneven skinetone so basically its a little pot of magic!! I've been using it morning and night and can actually feel it brightening up up my under eyes- I also feel better just for using it and feel like I've been proactively helping my eyes look and feel as youthful as possible. I've noticed puffiness and my dark circles hugely (and instantly) disappear which is amazing as I've tried and tested other eye creams and haven't seen noticeable results. A great investment!

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