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This detoxifying, exfoliating and anti-ageing mud mask by Omorovicza can only be described as a pot full of skin-loving magic, it's SKIN TRANSFORMING and packed full of ingredients to leave your face feeling fabulous. The best bit is it delivers instant results, a real pre party face mask that will not disappoint. 

GOODBYE SHEET MASKS?... I'm obsessed with face masks and have been sticking to sheet masks for ages now but I must admit Ultramoor Mud Mask is a real game changing launch for me as I feel it gives my skin so much more than any sheet mask I've used and the effects on my skin last longer than just a few hours. 
I think it might be down to the gentle exfoliating factor to this mud mask, it actually feels like its properly working itself into your skin whereas sheet masks, whilst leaving skin hydrated and plump offer fairly short lived results. 

This mask has a multitude of anti-ageing benefits its like soaking your skin in pure goodness! Ultramoor Mud Mask is enriched with marine exopolysaccharides to lift and define the facial contour and you can almost feel it working its magic on your skin, such a relaxing and skin tightening sensation it actually forces you to take 15 mins out to relax- so not only amazing for your skin but a great for your overall wellbeing too as you can include it in your weekly wind-down ritual too.

Ultramoor Mud Mask is super rich in nourishing Hungarian Moor Mud and Hectorite clay that works to powerfully and thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin, leaving it looking bright, glowing and hydrated.

THE VERDICT...GAME CHANGER. I've been using this mask twice a week since I've had it and my skin has reacted amazingly well to it, Its he perfect skin pick me up, ideal for thirsty and tired skin lacking lustre and so great for pre party nights outs or special occasions - it has the effect of having a facial but in the comfort and convenience of your own home. SUCH a worthy skincare investment and a mask I'll be raving about for sure! 

Ultramoor Mud Mask £65 buy here it here


Introducing one of my favourite skincare launches of the year so far, Omoressence! 

WHAT IS IT?..This luxe essence is a toner like formula and has been created to rebalance and hydrate the skin, prepping it for further skincare products by helping to retain moisture and basically boost your skin's vitality- think of it as a super skincare booster to not only give your skin a big boost and protect it (and don not underestimate the power of skincare protection in this polluted world we live in) , but helping to supercharge your other products too- WINNER!
Omoressence is made up of a gorgeous combination of healing minerals from Budapest's thermal spa waters, natural moisturising actives and polysaccharides restore the skin's balance and protects it from environmental stresses throughout the day. 
Omoressence includes mineral silicium to boost collagen strength and elasticity helping to aid the skin's natural repair process. 

HOW TO USE IT?...To use this wonder water as I call it, simply pour just few drops (a little goes a long way- this bottle will last a long time!) into the palm of your hands, rub together and pat over your face and neck, allow to dry and then apply your serum and finally your moisturiser. 

THE VERDICT...SKINCARE SUPERBOOST INVESTMENT! A real pleasure to apply, refreshing, skin tightening and feels like a welcomed luxury skincare step in my regime- skin is left fresh and ready for whatever the world has in store!

Omoressence £75 buy it here


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