Saturday, 12 March 2016

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Penhaligon's beautiful Burlington Arcade store for a Scent Profiling Experience.

My scent profiling started off by me learning about the history and heritage behind the brand which was really fascinating, Penhaligon's is full of amazing history that you can't help but be interested in- lots of Royal references and quirky facts that I've never heard of before- lots of stuff I didn't know about London too, always great to learn about the city you live in especially with reference to grooming and fragrance. 

During my fragrance history lesson I was treated to bubbles and chocolates before being taken through the impressive fragrance collection, asking me which scents I most liked wearing and the ones I'm most attracted to and which scents I disliked too- we tested so many fragrances from Penhaligon's first ever fragrance to every single scent in between to the most recent launches, it was almost a sensory overload but in a such an amazing way!!

It was so cool to learn about which sorts of fragrances I do actually love and which combinations work well on my skin and uplift me and my emotions- I do consciously pick my fragrance in the morning as I feel it has to match my mood and even outfit to set me up for the day ahead and on some days I like to counteract my mood and give it a boost with my fragrance choice. So as you can imagine this level of fragrance tailoring was so wonderful for me, a girl truly obsessed with not only fragrance but Penghaligon's as a brand too. 
My profiling session sparked a lot of lovely and a few sad memories as certain scents took me straight back to particular moments and times in my life. It was a truly wonderful experience and one I would honestly recommend anyone interested in fragrance to have.
I can imagine this being such a unique birthday or pre wedding treat, seeking a fragrance to wear on for a special and memorable occasion in your life so that scent will forever take you back to that time- what could be more perfect?! Amazing memories bottled.

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