Leighton Denny Top That Gel System Review

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Being the absolute nail obsessive I am you can fully imagine my pure excitement when I discovered this super innovative at home gel system by Leighton Denny... I literally could not wait to get my hands (and nails) on it!! 

I think it's safe for me to speak for the majority of groomed ladies near and far that having our gel nails done actually started off as a luxury or a treat and has very quickly become as important a beauty ritual as having your hair coloured or brushing your teeth! This might sound extreme but a lot of my friends feel the same and wouldn't be without their perfectly manicured gel nails. 
In all seriousness who realistically has the time for the maintenance of these gel nails - and who really, actually enjoys spending £30+ every fortnight having them done in a nail bar where the beauty therapist barely looks at you and the crappy music channel plays fuzzy 90's bangers- not me thats for sure!! So the new at-home gel nail system trend is welcomed with open arms...


The USP about this amazing at home gel kit is the fact you can transform ANY of your nail varnishes into gel nails- so endless colours and brands are at your fingertips! I think its great that this system doesn't limited you to only a few of the same branded nail varnishes like many of the other at home kits!! HUGE thumbs up!! 


For a guaranteed two week glossy manicure all you have to do differently to when you normally apply your normal nail varnish is, use the Duplex buffer (included) to lightly buff the surface of the nail and then two thin layers of ANY branded or coloured nail varnish as you normally do when painting nails, making sure you leave a few mins in between each coat (I left 10-15 mins just to be safe but the instructions say only 1 min) and then simply apply the Leighton Denny Top That Gel Top Coat and cure for 30 secs and then to complete your gel manicure wipe each nail with the Top That Cleanser on a lint free cotton pad and Viola!....EASY OR WHAT?!!!!This is a real game changer for me and a fantastic beauty investment!

Leighton Denny Top That Gel System is £79.99 and available to buy here.


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