Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday night couldn't be a more perfect time to introduce you to Robbie Honey's first beautiful range of four scented candles each inspired by the natural fragrance of the white flower...

ABOUT ROBBIE HONEY: Robbie Honey has a rare combination of expertise in botany, floristry and the visual arts starting his impressive career at the age of just seventeen with clients including Herm├ęs, Dior and Armani before launching his range of candles. 

It was so hard to choose a candle from the website as they all sounded so lovely but I ended up going for the Tuberose scent and I made a great choice as it literally smells heavenly! I'm sitting here relaxing in the candle light of my Robbie Honey candle admiring the subtle balance of blooms, sandalwood and amber and I really think this scent is ideal to be burnt at any time of day and for any occasion, it will add something special to your day. 

Tuberose- 'It was in a garden filled with night-blooming tuberose, that I first became hypnotised by their intoxicating fragrance. Cut after nightfall, their creamy petals exude an intense perfume; softened with sandalwood and amber'

Being the candle obsessive I am I must note that I love the elegant and simple packaging, the actual candle itself in dove grey casing and the nice Robbie Honey branding makes it all the more desirable! 

I think this would make a fantastic Christmas gift, I mean who doesn't love a candle?! 

Buy it here. 

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