Omorovicza Hydra Melting Cleanser

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

This cleanser is unlike any cleanser (or product for that matter) that I've tried before. It's a true one-of-a kind pot of amazingness!

Named a 'triple-phase facial cleanser', it really does remove all makeup, impurities and grime without stripping or harming the skin. Its super kind and gentle and is VERY satisfying to apply!

You really do have to try it to understand what I mean, but the unusual gel like formula quite literally MELTS into an oil when massaged into the skin and when you add water it transforms into a lovely milky emulsion that you then rinse away. 

I've been using this in the evenings mostly as its a gorgeous rich formula that takes a little while longer than I have time for sometimes in the mornings and I like to properly enjoy my evening ritual using it. I even leave it on for a few mins before washing it off just to let it work it's magic even more on my skin-plus it feels SO incredibly refreshing that it feels like a mini-facial treatment every-time you use it! 

I don't think I've ever had a product so satisfying to apply and I'm a huge fan (as I am of all Omorovicza products- If you haven't tried this brand make it a priority, it's incredible and skin-changing!) 


  • Mallow flower extract hydrates and reduces inflammation for a more even skin tone.
  • Sea buckthorn berry oil is rich in vitamins A, C and E and Omega 7, which purify and regenerate the skin.
  • Essential oils of sage, rose geranium and Roman chamomile have an astringent and antiseptic effect as well as calming the senses.
  • Omorovicza’s patented Hydro Mineral Transference™ system, leaves skin firmer, more supple and younger-looking.

Hydra Melting Cleanser, £65 (100ml)....Buy it here.

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