Sunday, 11 October 2015

I've been on the longest serving hunt for the PERFECT foundation brush and it's taken me quite literally YEARS to find the perfect one...or two to be exact. 

I've come to realise that for me theres not one brush that does it all, so after all of my foundation brush experimenting the two perfect brushes to create that flawless look are most definitely Clarins for its reliable, airbrush effect finish and ease of use. I like how soft and supple the brush is and how it absolutely doesn't leave any hairs behind- (unlike the MAC brushes which always do this and it drives me mad!!) I also think for £25 its very well priced.
I also love to use the Estee Lauder Sculpting brush, its a magic worker and really does create the most defined, contoured finish and allows you to really get into the nooks and crannies around the nose etc- i'd be lost without it now!


My newest foundation love at the moment is Charlotte Tilbury's newly launched 'Magic Foundation'.
I had to invest in a bottle as soon as it came out because I couldn't quite believe the hype surrounding it and had to see the results for myself. I must say I do rate this foundation very highly, it stays in place most of the day, the demi-matte finish means it stops the shine but allows a healthy glow to radiate through just very slightly and the coverage is perfect for me. This foundation goes on and blends super easily and I like how it kind of warms up after application- give it a go, it might not be real magic but it's probably the closest you'll find in terms of foundation!

Buy Clarins Foundation Brush here RRP £25

Buy Estee Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush here RRP £38

Buy Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation here. 

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