Thursday, 1 October 2015

I don't think I've ever realised the true meaning of the term 'sleeping beauty' until now!

Sleeping Beauty Night Cream by Skin Design London, a beauty brand I've only very recently discovered has been feeding my skin every night for the last month since I first received this intriguing pot named the 'skin clinic in a bottle'.

This yeast derived plant-based collagen treatment mask is packed full with avocado, rosehip oil, Vitamins E and C and a cocktail of antioxidants created to protect and help fight signs of ageing as well as revealing regenerated 'slept' skin by morning, and so far I'm really enjoying using it and my skin is looking fresh in the mornings. You only need a very thin layer and you can almost feel the treatment cream sealing in all of the other products!

Discover Skin Design London here and get some beauty sleep!

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