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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Heaven bottled is probably the best way to describe this stunning new scent by Paco Rabanne! Olympea is everything I want in an everyday perfume to make me feel special, yet comforted and full of confidence - it's a real treasure and it smells so gorgeous!! 

From the moment I opened the blush pink box to discover the angelic-like rounded rose gold bottle I knew that even if the scent wasn't for me it had a place on my dressing table as it's just so damn pretty- It's said to be designed for modern day cleopatras and I can definitely see that!
As you can see from the photos the bottle has angel wings going up the side and a jewel cap- great attention to detail! How can you not fall in love with this?! It's like every girl's dream dressing table accessory. 

OBVIOUSLY I do love the fragrance as you can tell as I'm absolutely swooning over it and haven't stopped wearing it since it landed on my desk. 

Olympea is a real sweet, orientally fresh and powerfully feminine fragrance, it's very warming so a great one for Autumn / Winter with enough sex appeal to make it a good evening scent to.

The salted vanilla accord and refreshing floral notes work to compliment the captivating jasmine and ginger blossom notes and creates the nicest cocktail of sweet loveliness!

I can see this being at the top of so many Christmas gift wish lists this year it's a great launch that I'm so pleased I've discovered. 

Watch the film showcasing the fragrance here and buy Olympea here.

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