Friday, 25 September 2015

Just like every Penhaligon's fragrance launch I prepare myself for something magical, uplifting and wonderful and the launch of Blasted Bloom and Blasted Heath did just that.

As I walked in I was hit with a refreshing atmosphere filled with wood, moss and basically nature in its modern form it felt like - and after a long day of rushing around the city in the pouring rain and wind it couldn't have been more welcomed! 
The lovely team explained the two contrasting fragrances in great mesmerising detail as I stood there taking it all in and sipping on my yummy (refined sugar free) cocktails and nibbling on superfood snacks made by the ROOTED, which I must say went so perfectly well with the natural theme of the fragrances! 

These two new perfumes are inspired by the extreme wild British landscape, where the land meets the sea- I love this because it really reminds me of being home in Kent with my family going for long sunday walks!


This is the more masculine scent of the two, although I still love it and have worn it so much already as it really suits the change in seasons at the moment. Described by Penhaligon's as being like 'a powerful swell breaking against the shore, the moment where the land meets the sea and energy explodes' 


This is like wild blooms captured in a bottle, the sort of flowers you'd find along the top of the cliffs filled with that nostalgic and completely refreshing scent you can't ever quite forget.

Discover the new scents here.

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