Monday, 28 September 2015

Grove Ferry has always been a firm favourite in the Psaila household, it's the place my fam and I have always chosen for the perfect pub garden lunch and cosy Sunday roast venue. 

It has it all, it's warm and welcoming, the staff are nice friendly and it's located by a gorgeous river surrounded by amazing willows (they happen to be my favourite trees ever).  I also like the fact that it's far enough away from home to feel like you're away for the afternoon but not too far that you know before long you can slump out on the sofa after a filling dinner at the Grove. Pretty perfect really?! 

Well my nostalgic Grove experience has entered a whole new level since my family and I stayed (and James my BF too) the night in the gorgeously quaint rooms at the Inn - all with balconies overlooking the water and complete with tables and chairs so you can enjoy your coffee in the morning with the willows! I stayed in the 'Elderflower' double suite room and it was HUGE, the four poster bed was made for a kings and queen (v comfy!) and the cute little touches like the Joe & Sepths popcorn made it even lovelier! 

I can't thank the amazing amazing Ellie at The Grove for arranging such a wonderful stay that me and my family will always cherish! 

The food was delicious, the rooms were so lovely and breakfast just topped it all off. I would definitely recommend anyone to make a night of it and stay there - make the most of a relaxing weekend with good food in beautiful Canterbury.

Click here to find out more and to book your stay.

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