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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Let me introduce you to Rituals Indian Rose and Himalaya Honey Chakra Water... this beautiful pink bottle of loveliness has completely lifted my holiday blues mood and got me feeling rebalanced, revitalised and just a whole lot perkier! It's amazing how a single product like this can have such a positive impact and this chakra has definitely inspired me. 

The beautiful glass bottle has the Ayurveda symbol printed on it which symbolises the ancient philosophy based on restoring inner harmony through old practice of cleansing and nurturing the body and soul- I absolutely love this and it actually sums up the practice of using this product so well. I like the element of taking time for yourself in the form of having a relaxing hot bath, spraying your body and pillowcases with this Chakra Water and taking a deep breath in allowing the fragrance to re-haromise your wellbeing. 

I've been spraying it on my body after my evening shower and spritzing it over my silk pillowcases before I go to sleep, this new beauty 'ritual' (pardon the pun) is here to stay and I can't wait to treat my mum to one as I know she'll love this too! 

Buy it here £16.50

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