Sunday, 16 August 2015

If there's one luxury beauty product I urge you to try this Summer it has to be Omorovicza's Queen of Hungary Mist- it's an instant complexion hydrator and total pick-me-up in every sense of the word. 

This is a great product to carry around in your bag and spritz your face with throughout the day, it holds your makeup in place, smells gorgeous (of roses) and instantly refreshes you and can also be used as a post-cleanse toner which I've also been using it for. 

If you're travelling this summer your face mist has to go in your hand luggage with you- I'm just about to leave for the airport to go to Malta on holiday and it was the first thing I packed! Nothing worse than thirsty aeroplane skin. I'm also going to be taking it to the beach for an instant refresh while sunbathing- this product has so many uses.   

My face mist has definitely saved me a few times this summer on the hot tube- if only everyone had a bottle of this with them I think it should be a standard tube procedure during the hot summer months in the city it would save everyone from feeling and looking hot and sweaty- never a strong look! 

This toner is inspired by the Queen of Hungary and is the world's first recorded perfume especially formulated  for the Queen I love this royal connection and this Limited Edition version looks so pretty! Even more reason to buy it! 

Refresh your skin here.

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