Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I came across PROMIXX after being recommended it by my fitness friend Simon Gooding, check his fitness blog out here its a gooden' for anyone interested in fitness tips motivation and nutrition. Simon has tried so many shakers in his time that I knew his recommendation could 100% be relied upon so had to try it out for myself....the best way to describe this shaker is WOW, it makes life sooo much easier!!

Each and every single time I use my shaker (if you have a standard shaker you will be able to relate to this) I know I'm about to be faced with the very annoying but unavoidable issue of having the protein powder stuck at the bottom of the shaker and not only is this gross to wash out as it becomes sticky and quite tricky to remove its also incredibly wasteful! I must've wasted a whole tub of protein in total with the amount of powder being lost because of this. With PROMIXX that becomes a thing of the past as the ultra high torque motor (its detachable) creates a perfect vortex to super effectively blend protein powders and all sorts of nutritional supplements with liquids so easily while still preserving the delicate protein structures resulting in the smoothest, hassle free shakes around!

I literally urge everyone who uses shakers to take a good look at PROMIXX they'[er a fantastic brand with an amazing concept that works effectively and changes the way you mix your protein shakes forever!

I'm using the Limited Edition Hot Pink PROMIXX Original Vortex Mixer RRP £18.99

Get mixing here.

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