Thursday, 23 July 2015

Growing up with ghd...

I've always been a die-hard ghd fan ever since I knew what straighteners were! I remember saving up for months to buy my first pair of ghd's as a teen and I literally cherished them, I wouldn't leave the house without my straightened tresses and I know a lot of people reading this will be able to relate to this completely as it really was the only socially acceptable hair look and ghd were THE straighteners to buy! 
Well as time went on ghd's just became a part of everyones lives, girlfriends, boyfriends, mums, aunties you name it anyone who was anyone would own a pair of ghd's as no other straightener brand compared, and this remains more true than ever. I know its bad of me being a beauty blogger I should be willing to try other brands of hair straighteners but I'm just so overly happy with the results of ghd and their usability that why would I ever need to try anything else? and now the brand spanking new ghd platinum has been launched theres zero point in trying another straightener brand, they're INCREDIBLE to say the least.

Guilt-free heat styling...

Named the 'one stroke wonder' and 'the no compromise styler' you can imagine by expectations were through the roof, but ghd have every reason to be so confident in their new launch, trust me the platinum edition of the classic ghd is SO worth the investment.

The innovative ghd platinum takes the guilt out of heat styling with its impressive safer-for-hair heat that delivers ultimate styling results in just one stroke and ghd have scientifically proven hair to be healthier, stronger and shinier after using their new magic hair tool.

The Science behind the plates...

Scientists have identified the optimum temperature for styling hair and ghd platinum constantly maintains the temperature using patented tri-zone technology, totally exclusive to ghd. This works by using three sensors in each plate, meaning heat is distributed evenly with no sudden surge or drop in temperature- both of which can be very damaging to the health of your hair and cause breakages (up to 50% less breakage).

Check out my before & after photos...

The verdict...

I've used all versions of the ghd straightener and I can honestly say this platinum version is by far the BEST and most impressive. They heat up super quickly, and in just one stroke your hair is left straight, shiny and beautiful! The best bit about the ghd platinum is definitely the guilt-free aspect as I was starting to really worry about the damaging effects of straightening my hair but this new edition takes the worry away completely! They're amazing.

I also love how curved they are, making it easier than ever to create waves and curls (photographed below) as well as the signature poker straight look. 

Features of ghd platinum...

-  Styling at optimum temperature creates ultimate results with least amount of effort
-  Clever tri-zone technology means consistent heat distribution, resulting in 50% less breakages
-   Sleek and easy-to-use design makes life easier when styling your hair
-  Wishbone hinge ensures plates are precisely aligned- keeping hair perfectly positioned when styling
-  Heat resistant plate guard to protect hair after styling ( I love this)
-  Sleep mode- they switch off automatically after 30 mins
-  Creates waves and curls when you learn the tricks, watch the ghd hair videos here.

Get guilt-free hair styling with ghd here.

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