Roger & Gallet's first ever Eau de Parfum!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Can you imagine coming home from a long and tiring day in the city (not to mention being drenched in the rain) to then being completely surprised with a mystery package and opening it to find THIS box of gorgeousness!!! 

It's official Roger and Gallet have launched its first ever Eau de Parfum created by world- renowned (and one of my all time favourite perfumers), Francis Kurkdjian.

Firstly before smelling the exciting new scent I fell in love with the beautiful bottle, designed by talented Martin Szekely. It's so pretty and looks lovely on my dressing table!

As you may already know Francis Kurkdjian created Fleur de Figuier Eau Fraiche back in 2012, and I was instantly drawn to it, but this brand new composition with distilled precious essences and fig is a whole new fragrance- its so deep and addictive smelling as you'd expect from a Eau de Parfum but it really is different to the previous fragrance. 

It's funny because when you think about the fig you don't think of prettiness and beauty but Kurkdijan has used this fruit to create a truly sensual, sweet smelling and fresh scent reminiscent of a Mediterranean summer....

I urge you to go and give this new perfume a smell, I'm sure if you love sweet smelling, fresh summer scents you will really appreciate this one! 

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