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Monday, 1 June 2015

The & Other Stories Rachel Antonoff collaboration has got me VERY excited! Available in stores and online NOW the vibrant beauty collaboration consists of three gorgeous nail varnishes in the most perfect summer hues plus two lipsticks to suit and compliment every possible summer occasion. 

You can tell the colours have been carefully thought out as I think these colours will attract every sort of girl out there. If you're more of a subtle sally then 'Anna Lavender' will no doubt be your staple nail shade or if you want to make a bit of a statement this summer then the demi matt but oh so moisturising Chaz Fuchsia or Max Ruby lip sticks will be your go-to colours and will complete your beauty look for sure. 

I've been obsessed with 'Anna Lavender' on my finger nails and 'Lena Blush' on my toenails and I've been treating my pout to Max Ruby with minimal eye makeup- by far my favourite look this season! The lipsticks last for hours and don't dry out at all, big thumbs up from me. It's worth noting that the lipsticks look lovely in your makeup bag too- bonus points, I'm partial to a good looking lippie!


Concept behind the collaboration...

“I love the idea of a driven, smart girl running for an unknown office and created a collection around the different aspects of her day to day life on the trail. Imagined it could be as large as a presidential or congress campaign and as small as secretary of her local stamp enthusiast society. Loving the vision of our girl strategizing while still in her tennis clothes,” says Rachel Antonoff.

These new launches are just SO lovely you have to invest! These beauty treats will be your summer essentials - plus they make perfect gifts too! 

Rachel Antonoff Nail Colour Set- £17.50 
Demi Matt Lip Colour - £12.00

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