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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Let me introduce Willow of London to you! This new personalised phone case brand has got me more excited than I think I've EVER been about a phone case, or anything phone related for that matter!

I first spotted this brand on Instagram as Stephanie Pratt and Caroline Stanbury had posted their amazing WOL cases with their initials on and I knew HAD to have one! I struggle to find cases to fit my Iphone 6 Plus, even popular phone case brand Skinny Dip London has a very limited selection Iphone cases for the 6 Plus and the ones they do have aren't great compared to those for other models. So when I discovered that WOL phone cases fit all models of Iphone I was delighted! Finally a brand that offers gorgeous designs, personalisation AND fits Iphone 6 Plus- hallelujah!

It was such a difficult decision to pick a design as I wanted all of them, but as I'm a pink girl at heart I couldn't resist the baby pink with white initials. I love the fact you can choose where the initials are printed on the case you can have them at the bottom, top, middle so your phone case is exactly tailored to your personality. I love it!

The service is faultless too- I put my order in Monday and had it in my hand Friday morning! I think this brand is going to be BIG, its the perfect phone accessory for anyone wanting something a bit different and lets face it, who doesn't love personalisation?!! Especially with your phone being probably the thing you have on at ALL time, it needs to be as on-trend and gorgeous as possible! These cases make the perfect gifts too so head over to the site here and check out the gorgeous designs.

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