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Sunday, 3 May 2015

April has been a month of change and excitement for me! To start my April update I must tell you about my hair (being the hair obsessive I am)... I've had my Great Lengths hair extensions out to find my natural hair has grown to a natural state of rapunzel and I couldn't be happier about it! So now I'm trailing new luxury hair extension brand Gold Class founded by the fabulous Inanch and Becky my hair Queen at Daniel Galvin used only a few just to boost the volume of my hair but to keep the length the same as my natural hair as I want to embrace it after wishing for long hair for such a long time!

Other changes include the GLORIOUS weather we've experienced (short-lived I know but worth a mention!)! Its been amazing to go bike riding, walking and sunbathing in Hyde Park and loose a layer of clothing! I mean, ironically the weather has resorted back to its usual dreary self as I sit here writing this but I think its important to remember and cherish the gorgeous days we've had! It gives us some hope for the Summer months ahead of us!

Exciting times this month include booking my family holiday to Gozo in Malta where my dads side of the family live. We're staying in a beautiful farmhouse with a lovely swimming pool and private terraces in each room so we're all very excited about that and counting down the days to our summer escape- 10 days away with the people I love most in the world sounds pretty perfect to me! 

I've been to some great events this month including the Penhaligon's No.33 fragrance launch which was as dreamy as ever! I've breakfast'd at Darwin Brasserie at the Walkie Talkie building which I must say is amazing, a pretty garden 36 floors up is definitely one of the nicest ways to view our beloved city and I recommend you all book a visit to go and visit! I also went there a second time this month with my lovely Mum to show her the stunning views of the city while sipping on prosecco- perfect mother-daughter time! I've sung along to Ben Howard at Alexandra Palace, wandered around Wanderland at the Sacchi Gallery at the Hermes Wanderland exhibition (which was FAB by the way!) cheered along at the London Marathon (which I'm hoping to run next year for charity GOSH!!!),sweated out at 8 spin classes this month, joined the courgetti gang and had 2 fun girly nights out! WHAT a month!! 





There's nothing more important than protecting your precious skin from the damaging UV rays that the lovely summer sunshine brings thats why Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution is a city girl's summer beauty must have. The lightweight, oil-free formula gives 100% sun and pollution protection by sitting invisibly over any day cream and perfectly underneath face makeup you won't know its there but its powerful protection properties are second to none and totally worth the investment.
Being the sun worshiper I am I secretly fear getting older and wishing I could turn back time because of dreaded sun spots and wrinkles due to over exposure to the sun, but with this little bottle I can enjoy the sunshine without the bad effects that sun naturally has to the skin- buy yours here and protect your precious skin before its too late!


You will know if you read my blog regularly and follow my beauty finds on Instagram that Aurelia is one of my favourite skincare brands, I can't rave enough about the gorgeousness of their products with particular favourites of mine being the Miracle Cleanser and the Refine and Polish Miracle Balm. I can officially say I have another miracle find to my Aurelia obsession and it comes in the form of an oil, a face oil to be precise and its AMAZE! I don't normally go for facial oils and was dubious to try this as my skin doesn't normally react too well and just increases my shine but this Cell Repair Night Oil is great! It's an overnight boosting treatment that works in tandem with the skin's nightly repair mode. It's BioOrganic just like the entire range and it really does reveal results by morning- it's beauty sleep in a bottle and I recommend you treat your skin to it! 

Get it here.

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