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Sunday, 29 March 2015

March has ended as quickly as it started, I can't believe Easter weekend is just around the corner its CRAZY how quickly time is flying but having such a great and positive start to the year I really can't complain!
This month has been fully hectic with work which is a great thing as I'm working with some fabulous new brands, (head over to PSAILA PR for more info) which has taken up most of my time, but been lucky enough to attend some lovely events, a stunning central London spa and trial some gorgeous new beauty launches...


Hands down my biggest beauty obsession of the month goes to Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection makeup brushes. Not only are Sam and Nic Chapman two of my favourite makeup artists so naturally I have a automatic love for RT of all time but these new makeup brushes are seriously good and look BEAUTIFUL on your dressing table! Its hard not to fall in love with these babies...
I especially love the Flat Contour brush as its thick head creates perfect shadows when contouring while also being the perfect brush to highlight cheekbones too to flaunt your favourite parts of your face. I also love the Triangle Foundation brush, its dual action meaning the flat edges of the brush are great for large areas and the angled edges contour your face makeup around your eyes and nose! I also absolutely LOVE the fact that all of the brushes in this collection are weighted for proper control, precision and comfort. These are special brushes that make every part of makeup application that much easier and more enjoyable allowing you to experiment more with your beauty looks. Get your hands on the collection here.


I've been trailing a few haircare products by Aveda and I have to say my hair has never taken so well to a shampoo and conditioner as it has to Colour Conserve shampoo and .... conditioner. I haven't raved about a shampoo like this for god knows how long as my thick and long hair is hard to please, but this stuff does the trick and is SUCH a pleasure to apply! Not only does it lather up so nicely and easily (I find this a constant problem with progressional branded shampoos they don't seem to lather well at all which is a real bane when you have a lot of hair!) it leaves my hair SO soft, smelling lovely and my blonde hair is brighter than ever- all boxes ticked! If you suffer from dry ends, as so many blondes do, then I recommend you trying the Aveda Dry Remedy Conditioner it instantly injects your locks with hydration, a great haircare investment.


Vichy's Hyaluspot has quickly become my absolute weapon in fighting those dreaded spots that pop up when you least expect it and always at the worst and most inconvenient times! This little tube acts super fast on imperfections using an advanced formula with hyaluronic acid to create a 'bandage effect' on the surface of the skin. It's the Salicylic acid and LHA, recognised dermatological ingredients that act at the source of the imperfections and combat the nasty spots and It really is amazing! A skincare MUST.


Penhaligon's have done it again, created a statement springtime fragrance so beautiful I'm finding myself totally gushing over it!! I attended the launch party at Clifton Nurseries and spent the whole evening sipping on yummy daffodil infused cocktails and planning my future wedding there- such a perfect venue and I had the loveliest evening.

The only way to describe the new fragrance Ostara is that its basically springtime bottled! you really do need to smell it for yourself, its so lovely! Head to one of the gorgeous Penhaligon's boutiques ASAP to get your nose in a bottle and click here for my full fragrance write up...


I went to Aqua Shard for a celebratory breakfast with my colleague Sonia and we both had 'Aqua Shard Salmon' it was the most delicious and inspiring start to the day- I think the stunning panoramic views of London definitely contributed to this1


My ultimate moment of the month has to be my pamper day at The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, it was UNBELIEVABLE and I can't recommend it enough! A true central London escape. Click here to read my full review...

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