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Sunday, 8 March 2015

I was introduced to Dermatique a few weeks ago and after doing my research into the brand I was honestly so excited to see if the specially designed products created to help and resolve Eczema and dry skin conditions really made the difference my skin was crying out for...

Both myself and my partner have been suffering from dry to severely dry patches on our faces and certain areas on the body ever-since our return from an icy cold trip to Paris and we just haven't found the right product to clear it up which is so annoying and costly! To say we've tried every product on the shelves at Boots would be an understatement. Both left with annoyingly dry and flakey skin, not attractive as you can imagine especially on my complexion as the flakey skin makes my foundation look cakey and horrible- Not exactly the look I'm going for. Even with some creams I tried that temporarily offered some level of moisture, it would only last a few hours and I'd be left with the same patches of dry...back to square one.

So when Dermatique's Recuperating cream and Bath and Shower Moisturising Oil landed through my letter box I was literally desperate to get my hands inside the big pot and smoother myself in it! 


The results are incredible, after using the Recuperating cream and the shower oil for just 2 short days both my complexion and my partners eczema prone elbows were injected with utter nourishment and moisture and we were left with half as much dry and flakey skin in sight and after 10 days of using it its completely cleared up for both of us!

The Bath and Shower Moisturising Oil is an oil-gel like formula, very different from the consistency of my usual shower gels and includes some of my favourite ingredients such as argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba, seed oil, sweet almon oil and packed full of omega 3 & 6. Using this every morning is the best and easiest way to ensure your body is properly nourished, you step out of the shower feeling soft and lovely!

Recuperating cream has become my 'one stop shop' hero product, I've got it sitting on my desk during the day while I work and I've been applying it on my hands throughout the day- so satisfying that I've finally found a product that really works. It doesn't smell as fragrant as some of the other hand creams I've got but it actually works which is better than having a nice smelling cream that doesn't do a thing to help my parched skin! I then take the pot up to bed with me and apply to my face before bed, its a wonder cream and couldn't recommend it enough.

Dermatique Fact File /

Free from; 

  • Steriods 
  • Mineral Oils
  • Peanut 
  • Perfume
  • Colour
  • Parabens

To relieve your parched skin click here to head to the site.

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