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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I've been using ActiDerm's UltraDerm by day and Collagen Night Cream by night and my skin is looking more radiant and glowing than ever! As soon as my products turned up (super fast delivery may I add-Bonus points) I was keen to see if they lived up to the hype, as I've heard some really amazing feedback and was recommended to try these two face creams in particular and I'm thrilled I did as they're working real wonders on my skin.


I love the luxuriously creamy but not at all oily consistency of UltraDerm, it doesn't absorb as quickly as other face creams I've used but that doesn't matter as it creates the most perfect, supple base for your makeup almost acting as a primer, leaving your complexion glowing and feeling so fresh and lovely. UltraDerm is a high performance formula created to protect existing stem cells and encourage multiplication and self-renewal, it combines the latest in plant stem-cell technology, antioxidants and peptides which support each other in revealing a healthy and noticeable glow.


This collagen night cream has become my ultimate night-time beauty ritual that since I started using I honestly haven't looked back. The gorgeously thick and creamy formula almost builds an instant barrier on your skin of gorgeous super- nourishing radiance, you can actually see how it improves your skin just from your first application of the product. This marine collagen enriched night cream replenishes, firms, tones and moisturisers your complexion deeply whilst you sleep.

Click here and purchase this #RealResults duo today, your skin will thank you for it I promise!

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