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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I'm 9 days into my 21 day #RealJuiceReboot challenge and I'm really loving it so far! 
My skin is glowing, my digestive system is feeling great (too much information maybe, but I have to admit my system is running rather healthily- definitely down to my daily dose of juiced greens!) and all in all I'm really enjoying preparing and drinking my homemade juices, they're a tasty and nutritious addition to my diet and I'm feeling so good for it! I've even mastered super efficient ways to clean my Philips Viva Juicer- James by boyfriend has equally got the hang of cleaning it as he's been helping me make my cocktail of daily juices!

Here are my 3 favourite juices so far....

My number one has to be the 'Glowing Greens' recipe- this juice contains cucumber and pear to help keep skin elastic and fight radical skin damage.

-  3 stalks of celery
-  2 handfuls of celery
-  1 pear
-  1/2 a cucumber
-  1 peeled lemon
-  1 handful of parsley

Sunrise Starter- This juice is the perfect daybreak drink with carrots, ginger and beetroot to kick start your metabolism for the day ahead. 

-  2 carrots 
-  2 beetroot
-  3cm of ginger 
-  1 peeled lemon
-  1 green apple 
-  1 handful of spinach 

Super Skin- This juice literally leaves your skin glowing.

-  7 stalks of celery
-  1 apple 
-  1/2 cucumber
-  1 handful of spinach 
-  5 romaine lettuce leaves 
-  1 peeled lime 

Stick around for my final post and my overall feedback from this wonderful 21 juice challenge! 

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