Body Treat of The Week // Calrins Satin Silk Body Lotion

Sunday, 22 February 2015

I'm an absolute body moisturising fiend and really look forward to my end of day shower after a hectic day of rushing around the city like a headless chicken. Theres simply no better feeling than coming home to my gorgeous abode, stripping off and jumping into a HOT candle lit shower (FYI candles NOT inside the shower)...jumping out and then smothering my poor dehydrated skin when I get out(as I have my showers scorching hot!) skin in body lotion. I hope I'm setting up a good picture here, but its seriously the BEST feeling right!?

My all time favourite body lotion has to be Clarins Satin-Smooth Body Lotion, it smells divine, not too overpowering just a nice fresh creamy scent and melts into your skin quickly, but not too quickly so theres time to enjoy that luxe feeling of it seeping into your skin whilst you veg out in front of the tv with a cup of tea... My favourite thing to do when I have the time is moisturising after a hot bath or shower then getting into fresh sheets with freshly moisturised skin- you just can't beat it! 

This body lotion is age-defying too (bonus points) with silkening sorbier bud extract that infuses skin with satin-smooth luminosity and a fresh healthy-looking glow. 

Of all the millions (ok slight exaggeration but I've tried LOTS of moisturisers from varying brands) I can honestly and happily say this is by far my most loved hands down!! and anyone I know thats tried it totally agrees with me- its a hero product and one I'll be forever using. 

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