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Thursday, 8 January 2015

With DETOX being the focal point for so many of us health conscious lot this January I did my detoxing research well ahead of the game and discovered a new way to enhance my January cleanse and it comes in the form of tea, yes a cup of tea (or two cups of tea a day to be precise). So from January 1st I've been teatoxing!

SlimCha is a 'Teatoxing' brand created to detox you from the inside using 100% natural, powerful tea blends to achieve considerable health benefits and produce results that up until now could only be achieved with harmful chemicals.


As you might already know, teatoxing has been used very effectively for weight loss and SlimCha have taken this and added a whole lot of other natural ingredients to help target other health and beauty concerns such as; 

  • Detoxing 
  • Skin Health 
  • Energy Levels 
  • Food Cravings 
  • Relaxation 
  • Weight Loss

I opted for the SlimCha teatox which is said to help with weight loss, cellulite and toning up by stimulating fat breakdown and boosting metabolism- I'm on day 8 of my teatox and it has to be said I am definitely feeling energised after drinking my SlimCha tea twice daily, and my cravings are no where near as bad as I thought they'd be after the indulgent Christmas we've all just experienced! Just a word of warning, it does take a good couple of days to get your body and more importantly your mind adjusted to the teatox when following a healthy eating plan so make sure if you are exercising not to overdo it the first few days and slowly increase your workout activity- I made this mistake and felt so lethargic and achy! 

I know it may seem hard to believe that by drinking two cups of this tea will miraculously make you drop a dress size but in all honesty I do think by adding this tea and replacing your normal super caffeine infused tea or coffee drinks with SlimCha, whilst also regularly exercising and very importantly sticking to a healthy eating plan this can help you reach your goals.  

The 14 Day SlimCha Teatox is £20 and includes 28 pyramid tea bags filled with the following ingredients; 
Yerba Mate, Chinese Oolong Tea, Lime Leaves, Lemon Peel, Olive Leaves, Fenugreek, Nettle, Black Peppercorns and Chipotle Chili. Simply drink two cups a day, one half an hour before you eat lunch and the other half an hour before you eat your dinner. Very simple and it's actually rather tasty too! Bonus. 

Kick-start your Teatox and buy your SlimCha tea here

Follow me on Twitter for my January Cleanse journey @JessicaRPsaila I'm also trailing yummy recipes from Natasha Corrett's newest book 'Honestly Healthy Cleanse'- Last night I made butternut squash soup and will be putting up the recipe over the next few days so be sure to watch this space for lots of Alkaline recipe inspiration! 

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