Philips #RealJuiceReboot 21 day Challenge

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Philips have created a 21 day #RealJuiceReboot campaign to encourage people to add freshly made juices to their daily routine as part of a healthy and realistic lifestyle. I think this is such a fab idea to kick-start your health regime this new year and get your body to optimum health without going to the extreme of starving yourself on a hardcore juice detox. Full-on 7 day detoxes and quick fix diets tend not to work, can make you feel weak and unwell and make you want to grab the nearest chocolate bar to get you through the day as energy your levels plummet. 

The idea of this #RealJuiceReboot is to have one juice a day for 21 days alongside your regular healthy food plan, instead of opting for pre-made, shop bought juices that have a LOT of added sugar and are pasteurised in order to preserve them....very deceiving indeed, not to mention expensive! 

Philips have provided me with a 21 day juice plan including recipes by one of favourite nutritionists, Madeleine Shaw so make sure you watch this space for my delicious recipe updates and a final post at the end of the 21 days to share the results of the challenge! 

The Philips Viva Compact Juicer is just AMAZING, its so good! Very easy to set up and use, blends whole pieces of fruit in seconds and not even bad to clean just takes a few minutes. I would highly recommend investing in one of these if you're a juice/ smoothie fan it makes juicing so much easier! Looks nice on your kitchen side too!Buy yours here.

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