Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I'm an obsessive organiser. I love nothing more than knowing what I'm doing, when I'm doing it and where I'm doing it so when I discovered the BEAUTIFUL diaries Undercover had to offer I just had to make it mine and make my mark on it(aka initial embossing!)ahead of an exciting new year!

The hunt for a new diary was failing miserably and I was pretty desperate to find one so I could get planning my January well ahead of the game but hadn't fallen for a diary I truly loved, massive predicament I know! Any other self confessed organised addicts out there will definitely be able to relate to this!

The ones I've found are either too bulky, too big, too thin and basically just not perfect for what I want! 

My preferences included the following; my diary had to be covered in a hard wearing leather as I carry it around with at ALL times so needed it to be strong enough to take the strain of my busy life! It also needed to be small enough for me to fit into all of my bags and not too heavy as the last thing I need is added weight when missioning it around London on meetings! Having enough space to actually write in it is another MUST!- a lot of diaries (Aspinal in particular) are far too narrow making it a challenge to actually write in- not ideal given its purpose. 

This A6 (9.5 cm x 13cm) recycled leather diary by Undercover is the perfect size has perfect diary entry space and is available for initial embossing to really personalise your beloved diary! 

Buy yours here and get organised in style! 


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