Wednesday, 10 December 2014

With temperatures plummeting most sensible people are cooking up lovely warm soups and casseroles but to be honest my body has been craving the freshness of salad to counteract the calorific badness that December brings! 

In my bid to try and be as healthy as I can be on my unsociable days of working at home I've come up with this quick and yummy (my boyfriend would argue against this but if you're green friendly and love a salad then you're sure to find this tasty!) healthy spinach salad lunch that will make up about four lunches (dependent on size of course) all you need is a big bag of baby spinach, celery,  2 avocados (half per dish), brown rice (three large table spoons per dish), fat free hummus and Chia Seeds- a splash of balsamic vinegar is also a lovely touch! 

Just mix it all together and there you have it! A quick, easy and super healthy and fresh lunch to keep your skin glowing during this over-indulgent month!! If you want added protein then grilled chicken is a great too! 

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