Monday, 29 December 2014

Upon arriving at the festively decorated Corinthia Hotel London I had a instant gut feeling that I was in for a real, luxurious treat. 

I try so hard each and every time I review a spa or trial a new product to resist any easy temptations of being sucked into the glossiness of a perfectly decorated reception at a plush spa or the gorgeously luxe packaging of a product I've been desperate to try which is sometimes difficult especially when you've heard only great feedback. I'm telling you this to assure you that this and every review you read of mine comes only from my honest and genuine experience and opinion no matter how challenging it might be to find fault in near enough perfection. With this in mind let me take you to ESPA at the Corinthia- you will be amazed! 

I arrived in the morning of Friday 19th December and was seated in the very inviting white lounge area (you can opt for a champagne infused lunch spa package if you wish), where I was given an iPad to fill out a forms whilst admiring the huge fire- warmth in the form of dramatic roaring, but tame fires are a consistent theme throughout the spa and add depth, warmth and intensity to the overall experience, it's what makes it. 

CHANGING ROOMS: I was then given the grand tour of the spa and changing rooms - complete with private sleep pods and big dressing tables including everything you could ever need (toothbrush, comb, deodorant, hairdryer, cotton wool) plus a private lockable changing room with a huge, glass walk in shower and area to change and hang clothes... Every girls dressing room dream! It made getting ready after relaxing in the spa a truly pampered way to end the day. 

INSIDE THE SPA: Starting with the two pool areas, the larger one boosts an impressively reflective ceiling and sexy seamless design, the whole spa area is set in very dim (and admittedly body forgiving) lighting and I must say the seductive darkness of the entire spa allows you to feel totally relaxed even with other people there, no need to hide away or feel self conscious in your bikini- the design has clearly been mastered around a women's desire to feel secluded, comfortable and sexy. 

The vitality pool, (this is the first pool you see when you enter the spa) was my favourite part of my experience- it's fairly small but had the most amazing thermal fire running across the width of the pool with relaxation heated marble beds on the other side, giving you the option to lie in front of the fire in utter tranquility and peace after taking a dip in the fire heated pool(around 36 degrees).

There's also hydro water massage chairs inside the pool- this helped to relax my back and legs before nearly falling asleep on the beds in front of the fire. I don't think it gets any better than this as far as spa's go, I can't tell you how relaxed and genuinely satisfied I felt at that moment- it's one of those 'you have to be there' to really relate to it. 

In addition to the ultra cool pools there's large glass walled sauna perfectly located so it overlooks the fire pool- I sometimes get bored in saunas so the fact it has an interesting outlook definitely encourages you to stay cooking for longer! There's also a steam room, a few waterfall showers and an oversized marble ice bucket to keep your skin fully hydrated and refreshed in-between sauna and fire inspired pool dips. 

Need I say any more?! This spa is my favourite to date (huge statement considering I've visited some of the worlds most prestigious and renowned spas!) It was incredible and I couldn't praise it anymore! 10/10 

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