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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I've had my fair share of bad pedicures over the years and if I'm honest I'm nearly always left dissatisfied and my feet are never as soft and groomed enough for my liking - some say hard to please, I think I'm just a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my beauty rituals. I also take a certain pride in doing as much of my beauty treats myself, other than hair and lashes of course! 

So with this in mind and my trip to LA only 2 weeks away (wohoo!) I figured it was time to track down the perfect at-home pedicure set, and this salon professional Institute Manicure & Pedicure Centre by Scholl was just what I've been looking for!   

Not only does this Mani & Pedi home centre come complete with every single attachment you could possibly need to file, shape, neaten and remove dead and unwanted skin it also comes with a super handy long lead to clip your attachments onto making it so easy and convenient to use- also great if you're treating your girlfriends to a mani or pedi too! My mum has already asked me to do hers after hearing me rave about it so much!

At £70 this might seem a bit steep without having tried it yourself, but take my review as gospel truth and as a honest great recommendation and also remind yourself about how much you'll be saving on having to shed out on constant manicures and pedicures- this is quick, easy to use and delivers the results you expect! 

This is the ultimate beauty gadget that the home of the future shouldn't be without! 

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