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Thursday, 4 September 2014

I've been on the hunt for a new electric toothbrush for months now and after trying one from the Oral B range and not being overly impressed I wasn't sure which toothbrush would end up being 'My one'- this might sound slightly crazy as it is just a toothbrush after all- but when you're using it twice (sometimes three) times a day and obsessed with having a white smile- it really needs to be perfect and reliable doesn't it?!

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite, 'the ultimate toothbrush for whiter teeth' promises to remove up to 90% of stains and says in only two weeks can result in teeth being two shades whiter! My teeth are already pretty white so it's hard for me to tell you whether this toothbrush has made them two shades whiter, but someone did point out yesterday that my teeth are looking very white so maybe that compliment was a result of using this toothbrush for the last month! 

I can report that I LOVE this toothbrush and I give it a definite 10/10, its gives the perfect amount of pressure and leaves my mouth and teeth feeling throughly cleansed and refreshed- theres no better feeling than fresh and shiny teeth! 
The ONLY thing I would say is when you're brushing your teeth and the brush gets wet its a bit hard to turn it off, you really need to press it hard- theres a technique I have for it now which works really well just something you need to get used to, other than minor detail its amazing! I also love how slim the toothbrush is in its design, it feels nice and light to hold and easy to navigate around your mouth- the brush head is also slim line so gets right to the back of your mouth without any discomfort. The battery life is SO good I've only charged it once in a whole month! There's a super handy battery indicator on it too. 
I've had electric toothbrushes that are quite harsh and very loud so I was happy to discover this toothbrush is neither loud or too harsh, I'm very impressed with it and would highly recommend it!

This toothbrush also comes with a chic travel case to store it in when you go away- I'm going to LA in a few weeks so this will most definitely come in handy! I hate it when you have your toothbrush floating around in your toiletry bag- not hygienic at all so this solves that problem completely!

RRP £140

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