Saturday, 20 September 2014

As you'll know from reading my August beauty bulletin I've had an incredibly stressful and busy time recently with my beauty event that took months of organisation and lots of late working nights, followed by fashion week and general work and life stresses so when Idealia Life Serum by Vichy turned up in my post box I couldn't have been happier and more in need of a complexion 'pick me up!' 

Firstly, I must say I'm very partial to serums, I love the consistency of them and they just work very well with my skin, whereas sometimes moisturisers can be too thick a serum is almost always guaranteed to absorb quickly so you can get on with your busy day (working girls you'll know what I mean by this- theres just not enough time in the mornings to wait around for your moisturiser to settle before you apply your primer/ foundation!). 
So straight away I was excited to see what this one had in store and whether it would live up to its promising and rather pretty pink packaging!...Well I've been wearing it religiously since I got it and my skin has reacted very well to it, I love the instant luminosity lift it creates- like a flush of brightness to the skin, which is exactly what we all need a bit of at times I feel. Especially with winter drawing closer, I just know this will be my daily glow in a bottle! 

This is the first skin idealiser by Vichy and has been created to help transform and protect skin exposed to stress, pollution, smoke or an unbalanced diet- I think we're all guilty of our skin being exposed to one if not all of the above?! My biggest concern is the stress and pollution, when I go into the city I come back to my kent located home and can literally feel the nasty pollution and grime in my pores- so this is a city skin saviour! 

Buy yours here and dab the serum over your face in the morning and/ or night time and can be worn under foundation- I really love this product and recommend especially stressed city girls to invest ! 

Watch this space for my September Beauty Bulletin as I've included the Vichy Idealia Eyes- another saviour! 

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