Saturday, 2 August 2014

MR. BEAN COFFEE BEAN SCRUB has to be my best body scrub find of the year! It's SO good, if you're anything like me and just love nothing more than the satisfying smell of coffee beans then you will love this body scrub! It quite literally 'wakes up' your skin and brings it to life!...Just as my morning coffee does for my mind and soul!

What caught my attention to this brand is the eye-catching packaging and branding- you can't help but notice it, very cool indeed. I also love the Mr. Bean Instagram page too (follow them @mrbeanbody) its full of half naked people covered in the coffee scrub! Amazing, nothing like a bit of nudity to attract a following! 

My experience of using the scrub is that its very pleasurable to apply (sounds funny but once you've tried it you'll know what I mean by this) its a whole lot of fun which is something I really love about the product and brand. The scrub needs to be applied to damp skin and I would suggest scrubbing your skin with the coffee scrub in circular motions to improve and promote blood flow, to get rid of as much dead skin as possible and target dreaded cellulite!! Mr. Bean Body Coffee Scrub targets rough, dry skin stretch marks and cellulite and promises to improve the skin issues above with regular use. 

The only down side to this product is its VERY messy!! My shower was literally covered in coffee at the end of my scrubbing session- but I must say was worth it as I came out of the shower with baby-soft skin and smelling lovely! 

I also love the fact that Mr. Bean Body is a totally natural, organic and fair trade brand- big thumbs up from me! 

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  1. Not sure on the scent of this one but I love the packaging!


    1. I'm addicted to anything coconut so I love it! But I need to try the other scents- which one do you love? xx


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