Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The recent Haute Couture catwalk shows have got me thinking about couture beauty and how important it is to perfect your complexion as well as perfecting your outfit, you can't have one without the other. So I've chosen a small selection of my three most loved luxury hero Skincare products used together in my own bespoke Skincare regime, using these products as part of your daily beauty regime will perfect your complexion and create the most flawless canvas to sport the latest couture beauty trends. 

There's nothing quite like a radiantly glowing and blemish free complexion so after trailing and testing some of the best Skincare products on the market I can safely and honestly say that using a combination of these products will result in catwalk ready skin. 
(Also its worth mentioning that my chosen products look SO chic and sophisticated on your dressing table & in your makeup bag- beauty bonus! )

Chanel Balance and Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk for Face and Eyes-  This gorgeous cleansing milk not only protects your complexion against the cities nasty and damaging fumes that do nothing but age the skin and fill your pores with dirt and grime but this cleanser leaves skin feeling supple, thoroughly cleansed and deeply nourished- this is perfect for my skin as I've been suffering from dry patches around my nose area. A deeply moisturising cleanser was just what the doctor ordered and the perfect way to wash away the dirty city. 

ARK Clearing SkinResponse Serum- I truly thank the beauty gods for landing this little bottle of magic on my desk as after using it over the last month I really just don't know what I'd do without it! It's my breakout go-to serum that works every time without fail- honestly girls you need to invest in this if you suffer from blemishes or the occasional breakout. I was sent this to trial and test after the beauty wizards at ARK Skincare read my previous post about my skin suffering from breakouts and my skin hasn't looked better! (no exaggeration) 

*My DIY beauty tip is to mix a few drops of this magic serum into your moisturiser and apply to a freshly Chanel cleansed face before you go to sleep and enjoy waking up to beautiful skin. 

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Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief- This creamy gel formula is so perfect for a moisture deprived face this summer! I adore the consistency of this moisturiser it feels so satisfyingly silky to apply and absorbs in no time at all making it a great product to use both morning and night without the worry of leaving an oily unwanted residue, especially when you're rushing around trying to get your makeup on in the morning before work! 

Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Balm feels like silk on your lips, its as luxuriously lovely as I'd thought it would be and comes in the cutest little pot too- I haven't left home without it since I got it its addictive. This lip balm restores moisture and delivers benefits of Cameilla Oil to soften and smooth lips for a healthy, hydrated smile in all seasons.  

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