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Thursday, 21 August 2014

I don't think I've ever been so excited to try a new product, ARK's Regenerating Skin Defence has had absolutely AMAZING reviews and after talking to Victoria at ARK Skincare I kind of knew it would be a flawless product before I even tried it so you can imagine my excitement when it landed in my post box! 

My skin has been suffering quite badly lately with nasty breakouts and redness which has been a direct result of stress and sleepless nights, my skin is normally quite blemish free so when it flares up like this it really does get me down in the dumps! It couldn't be a worse time for my skin to not be looking its best as I have my best friends wedding in the next two weeks and I'm Maid Of Honour - plus I have a big event to organise and attend during LFW, so if there was ever a time to inject powerful goodness into my skin it's most definitely now! Thank goodness for ARK Regenerating Defence, my skin is thankful for you! 

This luxe daily defence cream is packed full of essential daily vitamins, stem cells, antioxidants and lipids to regenerate, repair and renew. Defending against the effects of ageing, environmental stress, stimulating regeneration and skin repair- sounds incredible right!? 

I've only applied this three times, yesterday morning, last night and this morning and I'm not joking my skin looks WAY more radiant and the redness has calmed down dramatically! You just have to try it- it makes your skin feel like velvet too! This product also acts as a great primer before your foundation too. I love a multipurpose beauty product- makes life so much easier! 

If like me you're suffering from bad skin or you have a stressful, busy or important occasion coming up then this product will be your skin saviour! It's also a perfect daily cream to use as part of your essential skincare regime, its a powerful pot of goodness! 

p.s I LOVE how hygienic the pot mechanism is too, no spreading of bacteria with fingers inside the pot!Small details go a long way and make the world of difference! 

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