Sunday, 31 August 2014

I can't believe August is coming to a close so quickly! It's madness that the summer we've all been counting down to and been overly excited for is nearly over and September is very nearly upon us!!...this means one thing and one thing only...WINTER IS ON IT'S WAY! hurrah, I couldn't be more excited for everything that comes with winter (I know many of you reading this won't be with me on this one, but I'm a winter baby through and through). I just love the crisp chill in the air on a Sunday when you're all wrapped in your brand spanking new luxe coat (I've already invested in my coat for winter can you believe it?!) with a Starbucks in hand strolling along with your love...or evenings by the open fire with scented candles filling the room with that divine scent of christmas- I know you can all relate to this! Its the smell of closeness, family and warmth and nothing beats it. Also my birthday is on the 23rd December and I'm definitely a birthday kind of girl! I love it. 


This transitional time of year calls not only for a new warmer wardrobe but the big change I'm excited about is the change in makeup trends and skincare regimes that will prepare us for an exciting and fresh new season. So please do keep up-to-date with TBR (@jessica_rebecca_psaila @JessicaRPsaila) as I have seductive smokey eye tutorials coming your way along with winter ready skincare tips and tricks and a full #LFW report with the hottest beauty catwalk looks that you will be obsessing over this coming season. It's time to rediscover our intensive moisturisers, hand creams and lip balms to prepare for a cold winter ahead, along with statement lip and nail colours! But before we delve into all of the above its time to get to the core of inner beauty so I've dedicated this months beauty bulletin to my new ethos #InsideOutBeauty which is the theme of an luxury press event I'm organising at women's luxury club Grace Belgravia during London Fashion Week for two brands I proudly represent at PSAILA PR: Natural skincare brand ARK and Vitamin Infusion specialists, The Elixir Clinic


BOOK OF THE MONTH- 'The Power Of Now' by Eckhart Tolle
It's time to focus on positivity and get your mind on track to true success and inner happiness, this book explains how to train your mind and think outside the box and guides you to find your spiritual enlightenment and to essentially make your goals a reality. Sometimes we all need this don't we?
There was a very interesting article in last weeks Grazia magazine about saying goodbye to 'Generation Anxiety' as anxiety is at an all time high due to this digital obsessed and pressured climate we're all living in.... along with this article was a list of most rated motivational/ self help books and it happened to include 'The Power Of Now' which my Dad coincidently had recommended for me to read a long time ago (ahead of the game as always Dad). 'I've just started reading it and already I feel a positive surge running through my veins- I'll keep you updated but if you're interested in reading it purchase it here.


Ever since I was introduced to Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend I've been utterly obsessed! I've been having 3-4 tsps per day and either add it to my morning juice (this completely disguises the taste of the oil) or I have it with cold water after my lunchtime workout as a pick-me-up and snack as I find it suppresses my appetite. I've been doing this everyday for the last month and I've noticed my skin is looking more radiant and glowing and my blemishes have been healing and disappearing a lot quicker than usual and I can only assume its  direct result of introducing this oil into my daily diet (as well as using my Clarisonic facial brush too- see below). I love how it gives me an energy boost too, Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend has become part of my lifestyle and I LOVE it. 

This oil blend is the perfect supplement to truly moisturise and care for your skin from within, providing us with the essential nutrients we so often lack in our diets. The oil blend contains a balanced 2:1:1 ratio of the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6, and the beneficial fatty acid omega 9. It also contains organic flax, sunflower, coconut and sesame oils with refined oils from rice and oat germs plus evening primrose oil. 


It couldn't be a better time to introduce a superfood supplement to your diet and lifestyle with the change of season and winter being a time most prone to illnesses so check out this superfood supplement by NewGen Direct, its an all-in-one supplement sachet that you can conveniently pop in your bag and take to work with you for a boost during the day. Each sachet contains 34 raw wholefood fruits, seeds, grains, fibre and protein plus an antioxidant blend , digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics. Sounds rather healthy right?! 


If you've been reading my blog recently you'll already know about this, I hate to keep going on about the same things but this is so amazing its worth the extra mention...If you invest in one luxury beauty tool/ product this month or season make it the Clarisonic Advanced Sonic Facial Cleansing brush it really is that good.   


I've probably experienced (and still in the motions of experiencing) one of the most stressful times of my year all rolled into one month so the two things that have really helped get me through this super stressful time has been listening to the Yoga & Meditation playlist on Spotify, and burning incense sticks- works wonders! It's all about the small details in life that seem to make the biggest differences.  


My moment of the month has to be when I was invited along to the Penhaligon's 'Trade Routes' Collection press event at the my favourite building in London, The Shard. Breathtaking is the word to describe the perfect and oh so fitting venue chosen to launch this new fragrance collection- which lives up to the exquisite standard of every single Penhaligon's events/ launches I've been lucky enough to attend. 
This new collection includes three new fragrances each inspired by the luxurious and decadent commodities which were traded through London's historic docks at the turn of the 19th Century...So you will understand why having the overwhelming view of London set behind the three new fragrances beautifully displayed in bell jars couldn't have been a more ideal setting- the whole of London to tell the story of the scents. 
The collection is now available to buy now so click here to discover these new treasures, they really are beautiful, I've been wearing 'Empressa' everyday since I first discovered it. 

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