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Hello everyone and welcome to my July Beauty Edit! 

The month is very nearly coming to a close so its time for me to rant on about my July beauty must-haves and exclusive beauty havens that simply NEED to be visited as a matter of urgency! I can't quite believe how quickly the summer is going- its well and truly flying by! My month of July has consisted of flying out to beautiful Rome for a luxury 4 day weekend break (a surprise for my boyfriend, James's birthday...Girlfriend points!), visiting
London's only health, wellbeing and lifestyle members Club for women, covering up my post holiday blemishes (thanks Clinique),and reading up on my obsession of healthy eating! Enjoy x 


BOOK OF THE MONTH- One of my best friends (and founder of www.thefullagenda.com- check it out) lent me 'Clean & Lean Diet' by James Duigan a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to put the book down- it's full of incredibly useful facts, case studies and recipes and written in a way I can really relate to. James gets straight to the point when talking about Sugars and fats and why antioxidants are important etc- sounds basic, but this book makes it all seem manageable and actually educates in a realistic way- unlike lots of other 'diet'/ health focused books out there. I particularly love the food guide pages dotted throughout the book, these guides show you alternatives to the daily food choices we make and helps gives you a healthy alternative- It's so helpful and eye-opening! I really think being educated about WHY food is good and bad is the key to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and diet. I absolutely hate the word diet as I feel its not a healthy way to live your life, I think making a lifestyle choice is the way to lose weight and keep it off and this book really helps to explain the basics to kick start your healthy lifestyle. Also if this guide is good enough for beauties Rosie Huntington- Whiteley and Elle Macpherson (they both abide by the Clean & Lean Diet and endorse the book) then its certainly good enough for me! 


EVE LOM RADIANCE LIFT FOUNDATION- This feather-light and silk to the touch foundation is just LOVELY to summarise in one word! The anti-ageing formula caresses your complexion with a super hydrating barrier that leaves your face looking so radiant, fresh and healthy but with a great amount of coverage too, which is pleasantly surprising for how lightweight the formula is. Pores, fine lines and imperfections are minimised instantly and I can report this foundation lasts all day too which I know is key when investing in a luxury foundation. I love this foundation and even tried it on one of the brides I did made over last weekend for a trial wedding shoot- she loved it too and it looked on camera! 

CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER CONCEALER-  This cute little pot has earned a well deserved permanent position in my handbag and now comes with me wherever I go, its THAT good! Just the tiniest amount of this lifesaving product conceals spots straight away and its a great under eye cover-up to- without flaking or leaving build up! I recommend using a little concealer brush for precision and hygiene purposes- the only thing I was is that it came with a mini brush, other than that its my perfect cover-up! 


I've got some gorgeous beauty treats to trial and test before my August Beauty Edit is due! My beauty inbox includes; They're Real Push-up Liner by Benefit (apparently the best thing to hit beauty counters this summer), Clarisonic Facial Cleanser, Clinique Moisture Surge Extended thirst, Philips new Sonicare HealthyWhite electronic toothbrush and a Chanel lip balm- Watch this space for full reviews on all of the above and more! 


If I had one beauty wish this year it would be to stay at the deeply glamorous spa-hotel in the hills of the Cote d’Azur, La Réserve Ramatuelle. They've just announced a brand new and AMAZING sounding Miracle Broth Crème de la Mer Facial treatment, a new Nescens Better Ageing Programme plus an extension of their fantastic Nordic Walking boot-camp. 

La Réserve Ramatuelle offers some of the most luxurious accommodation in the South of France and the exquisite spa is a destination within itself- One can dream....


Location: Rome, Italy 

Hotel: Radisson Blu *****

Travel Notes: I flew out to beautiful Rome on July 17th for a lovely long weekend summer break and had the most incredible time! The weather was BOILING- a little too hot for walking around being tourists I must say, but it was lovely to soak up the Italian sunshine- especially with a cocktail in my hand!  

My Italian mini break was the perfect balance of culture and relaxation and has given me the boost I needed, Its amazing what getting away for a few days can do for you- I feel truly energised and recharged! 
I always think with short city breaks as lovely as they are, it can be very tiring walking around in the heat all day and then mustering up enough energy to enjoy the evening to the full, so with this break I decided a luxury hotel was the answer to inject some summer holiday down-town into our city escape- and it was just perfect. We stayed at the Radisson Blue located right by the Termini train station, making it super easy to get to and from the airport (only 4 euros on the bus and about 40 mins each way)the roads surrounding the hotel weren't the best it has to be said but once we walked on further into the city we were only a 15 min walk away from the Colosseum and the other attractions. The main highlight that I have to tell you about the Radisson Blu hotel has to be the rooftop pool and bar... it was wonderful! After a long day soaking up the history of the Vatican City we couldn't have been happier to get back to the hotel and lie in the beautiful italian sunshine, sipping cocktails (these were pricy at 14 euros each, but so worth it as they were delicious and nicely presented). We also loved starting our day having breakfast on the roof overlooking the city, so dreamy and I'd highly recommend staying here.    

My Travel Beauty Essentials: 


I couldn't be more obsessed with 'The Full Agenda', it's a cool new site aimed at career girls in their twenties who have to deal with the trials and tribulations of the day-to-day issues forced upon us, the site covers everything from career tips and ways to get ahead , to friendship /relationship battles, and even health and wellbeing insights and discussion points- it's quickly becoming my life manual! This intelligent and very well put together site has been my lunchtime reading material every day since it launched a few months ago- I love the witty, 'telling it how it is' attitude, I find it inspiring, motivating and damn right spot on! Girls you need to check it out as a matter of urgency, click here and get reading. I call it my digital agony aunt! 


'Rise of the hairy legs' - I read this in last weeks Grazia magazine and I just had to discuss this with you as I feel like I'm seeing things...hairy legs- I mean I can understand a few spikes of hair coming through we can't be groomed 24/7 but long, gross hair- seriously!? HOW has this become 'a thing'? This new 'craze' is part of a new movement designed to show that we don't need to conform to social expectations and groups like 'Hairy Legs Club' and the 'Very Hairy Blog' have been created to celebrate women who have decided to let their hair be free! Hmmm not so sure about this- I mean each to their own of course but not something I'll be taking part of my boyfriend will be happy to know. 


Grace Belgravia is an exclusive private club for cultured, caring women who want the very best for their health and well-being. A powerful new vision for women’s health and lifestyle, led by a team of internationally recognised experts and therapists.

The integrated advanced fitness, beauty, diagnostic and preventative medicine is all available under one roof and is dedicated to empowering and nurturing women through seven ages of life from young adulthood, through fertility, pregnancy, child rearing, empty nesting, menopause and ageing-well.

Grace Medical Clinic is directed by Dr Tim Evans, Apothecary to HM The Queen and is not only presenting London with a novel paradigm in health care but offers a truly integrated healthcare practice. The Clinic has a core team of highly reputable doctors, specialists, practitioners and therapists. The medical clinic is open to men and women over the age of 21yrs and membership to Grace Belgravia is not obligatory' (words from www.gracebelgravia.com)

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