FOOD INSPIRATION: Quinoa & Salmon Super-food Salad!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tonight's dinner has to be one of the best, most healthiest dishes I've made yet! I've been dying to try cooking Quinoa for myself so I finally went in for the kill and this is the delicious result...

1. I grilled a fillet of salmon and marinaded it with jerk seasoning, whilst my salmon was grilling away I had my pearl barley and quinoa simmering away nicely and added a 'shot' of jerk seasoning to both pots- you can buy these from Tesco they're so tasty, cheap and easy to add to food to give it that yummy kick! ... This took slightly longer than I anticipated but was well worth the wait!!

2. In a frying pan I used the tiniest bit of oil (coconut oil is best) to cook my broccoli, yellow peppers and red onions and once my quinoa and pearl barley was ready I put my healthy concoction together along with my perfectly grilled salmon...

3. Laid on a bed of raw fresh spinach I put my pearl barely and Quinoa mix and topped this with my cooked vegetables and avocado to give it a fresh kick- I love the cooling taste of avocado with hot food, you can't beat it! I then added my final and most precious ingredient, my seasoned salmon and viola...SO tasty and completely guilt free!


I love this dish, the pearl barely is a high source of fibre whilst the quinoa is high in protein and both low in saturated fat. Avocado, spinach and broccoli are all super-foods and salmon is a perfect way to add protein and omega 3 to my meal and keep my fuller for longer as Marks and sparks say!

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