BaByliss Diamond Waves

Sunday, 13 July 2014

After what seems like a lifetime of being in search of ‘the one’ in terms of curling tongs and heated hair tools, finally I’ve struck gold and discovered one of the best hair tool inventions EVER and I couldn't be more excited to tell you all about it. Any hair obsessed girl WILL love this, no doubt about it.  

Let me introduce you to the BaByliss Diamond Waves and here’s my fool proof guide on how to create a head of beautiful romantic waves this summer…


1) Firstly brush through your hair using a Mason and Pearson natural bristle brush (my favourite hair brushes) to enhance shine and glossiness and then lightly spray your hair with L'Oreal Paris Elnett Lumiere - this will encourage your waves to stay in place.

2) Starting at the back of your head (this is a wise place to start waving your hair, as the closer you get to the front the more perfect your tonging skill will become!) take small sections and start winding your section of hair gently around the BaByliss Diamond Wave wand and be sure to start at the root so you’re left with the very ends of your hair strand at the top of the wand- this adds more volume to the roots and prevents heat dents in your hair. Now simply hold for 10 seconds per section and when you come to unwinding and releasing from the wand make sure you spring the section around your finger for extra bounce! 

3) Once you’ve waved your whole head- (this should only take between 10 and 15 minutes as the wand works super fast so no time wasted at all, just hair happiness all round!) turn your head upside down and spray your whole head with a light dusting of hairspray moving your waves as you do so with your fingers to separate...

4) Now this step in KEY in creating the waves I created for my photographed above... gently brush slowly downwards on your defined waves and you’ll be then left with a head of gorgeously soft and glossy waves. However to add slightly more definition and oomph to your look take the top sections of your hair and wind then back around the wand, but for only 5/7 seconds at a time. This will leave you with a head of the most gorgeous beachy, romantic waves- all in no time at all! BaByliss I thank you for yet another AMAZING hair tool launch! 

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