Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Summer is here and the sun is shinning...YAY!

This means we can fully embrace the best season of the year with summer patterns, tanned pins and the best bit...NEON nails!! without feeling the slightest bit out of place...neon is the norm this summer and what better way to rock this seasons biggest trend than with perfect neon nails! 

I'm going away for a lovely long weekend to Marbella next week and was toying with the idea of having shellac on my nails, but quickly decided against it as my nails were left so brittle after having them done before, I didn't want to risk ruining my lovely natural strong nails but still needed something to take away the worry of my nail varnish chipping whilst I'm away. Luckily Elegant Touch have the ultimate nail solution with these fab adhesive nails with amazing UV gel technology and I literally love them! SO bright and fun and so easy to apply. 
Check these babies out here and order yours ahead of your summer holidays - they're amazing and I can't wait to apply them next week!

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