Monday, 30 June 2014

Welcome to my first BEAUTY EDIT! 

Each and every month I'll be sharing my top rated miracle finds, amazing treatments, beauty brands to watch out for, interesting articles, beauty news and talking points that effect us! So watch this space if you care to know what I've been rocking, obsessing and reading...


BEST BOOK- This week I've been OBSESSED with 'Beauty' by Louise Mensch, if you need an addictive, empowering and a 'power to the women' book to get stuck into this Summer this is it! I haven't been able to put it down! 

CLOSE WINNER- 'Mad About You' by Sinead Moriarty... This is a real homely read about love, friendship, loyalty and basically the trials and tribulations of being a woman and a mother- not that I know what thats like...being a mother I mean, of course. 


ARK ANTIOXIDANT SKINRESPONSE SERUM, a few drops of this miracle oil added to your night cream before you go to sleep will ensure you wake up with a glowing complexion! No exaggeration, its amazing!

CLINIQUE ANTI-BLEMISH SOLUTION- I've been suffering from horrible break outs since I've returned home from my holiday and its been getting me down to say the least, especially as I've been trying not to wear foundation as much as I can help it, to try and let my skin breath- but thats so hard to do when you have a face of blemishes! Luckily I've discovered this powerful (and slightly stingy) gel by Clinique that works super fast to kill off the ugly blemish in next to no time at all! I would suggest however, to try and apply this gel either before you go to sleep or during the day only if you're not wearing any foundation as it leaves a flaky dry patch residue, not a good look but don't let this put you off it really does work! 


"My favourite colour, after black, is pink," Yves Saint Laurent

Which is all rather fitting as YSL Beauty have launched the prettiest of packaging this summer in the form of this gorgeous rose gold version of an all time classic, yep you guessed it the Touche Éclat highlighter pen- how amazing?! A definite wish list beauty lust. 



Eight years ago, the world was introduced to- and horrified by the phenomenon of size double zero. Then a few weeks ago it emerged that in order to meet demands of an ever-increasing 'skinny Hollywood', shoppers can now buy size triple zero. What do you think of this shocking news? 

Horrified doesn't even come close to my reaction of this news, it more than worrying and Its a matter of urgency that we all need to make sure this doesn't become a 'thing' otherwise what will the futures be for our daughters, growing up in this weight and overly self-obsessed world? Click here for further discussion of this talking point. 

Would you fake freckles? 

Erm no, probably not but maybe I'm the boring one as backstage at the spring/summer 2014 shows there was much talk of 'seeing' the models skin and of natural, raw beauty- British Vogue reports.Accordingly, a smattering of sweet freckles is right on-point for that pared-back, fresh-faced look, which is why Topshop's new Freckle Pencil has come at just the right time for those without.

I'm not convinced, but then again I've got enough freckles to pass round to all the models at fashion week and still have some spare! 


A few weeks ago I was kindly treated to a Vitamin Infusion at the The Elixir Clinic located on Wimpole Street, London. 
I'd never experienced or heard of anything like the wonderful Vitamin Infusion I had but after talking to the beautiful Acaena and Mahi, Founders of the clinic and experts in this field I walked away truly amazed, and woke up the next day after having my infusion feeling WONDERFUL!(you seriously have to try this for yourself to understand how amazing the results are and how much this can change your overall beauty, health and wellbeing for the better)

The Elixir Clinic deserves a dedicated post so watch this space for my full review coming very soon, but for now head over to www.theelixirclinic.com and enter the luxurious world of beauty and wellbeing!

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