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WOW, where do I start... I'm aware that I'm a passionate writer but I'm genuinely struggling to put into words how very much I adore this brand. I've typed and retyped this article a few times now, I just want you to really understand the real unique beauty of HAECKELS.

Dom Bridges, founder and creator of HAECKELS explained his custom blending service in detail and told me that inspiration for a scent can take many forms, it can capture a special memory or a favourite place for example or can be a blend of aromas of which each has a special meaning to you. He told me almost anything is possible so to let my mind run wild and explore, and so I did...

Dom asked me to write a brief of what I wanted my bespoke fragrance to represent and smell of, it was almost like writing a love story or a poem as I wanted my special fragrance to be a representation of my relationship with my boyfriend James. I wanted the scented creation to be my very own love potion, bottled love! I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather my only bespoke fragrance in the world to smell of and set Dom the challenge of creating the scent of my love- giving him my list of unusual things, tastes and places that remind me instantly of my relationship. 

In my list (more like poem) I wrote down the following; coffee brewing, fresh white bed sheets on a Sunday morning warm and inviting, the sea crashing against the sea wall, the fizz of the first sip of champagne, the sweetness and sharpness of raspberries, burning open fire at Christmas, candles when you first blow them out, a deep woody homely feel of comfort, a happy summers day on the beach...

A few weeks later my HAECKELS little brown box arrived at my door and I wish I could tell you how excited and intrigued I was to smell the concoction of things, food and memories I'd so carefully chosen and given to Dom... I opened up my box and before I even lifted the chic gold lid of my beautiful bottle of perfume I sat back for a moment to appreciate how perfect the presentation of my package was, so simple and so perfectly put together from the quote stamped on the lid of the box reading, 'Take a good rest, small bird, he said.Then go in and take your chance like any man or bird or fish. Ernest Hemingway, The Old man and the sea.' to the card with my list of memories hand written and signed by Dom himself. I could tell that so much special attention and love goes into not just this package but every single aspect to this amazing brand.

Its not often I stand back and feel this way about a fragrance or beauty brand, there's something so unusual and addictive and so genuinely authentic about HAECKELS.

Morning Champagne 

My bespoke bottle of perfume named 'Morning Champagne' was engraved with its inventive name, my full name and the date it was made, this little touch makes me fall in love with the smell of it even more! I was literally blown away by the smell of my Morning champagne and amazed how perfectly Dom had captured each and everything on my brief- how on earth does he do it? This has to be the most amazing experience and fragrance I have. 

I adore my bottle of handmade HAECKELS and will cherish it for as long as it lasts, then I'll be putting in my next order! 

If you want your very own tailor made scent for yourself or as a gift (I think this makes a perfect birthday/ wedding/ valentines gift) then contact Dom directly he's just amazing and so is his brand.

  • d.bridges@haeckels.co.uk

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