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Monday, 2 June 2014

'Bringing Harley Street to Shoreditch'

Last week I went along to Shoreditch based salon 'Boudoir Beauty Parlour' to see Dr Docrat and have my Cellulite Reduction treatment ahead of my summer holidays and spa weekend with my boyfriend. This really couldn't have been a more perfect time to get this treatment being the start of summer, so as you can imagine I was super excited to get as bikini body confident as much as possible! 

I've heard amazing feedback from Asma Docrat and Ayesha Docrat the wonderful sisters who run the salon so I knew I'd be in for special treatment. The Docrat sisters did everything in their power to make my experience as pain-free and luxurious as possible which is amazing as Boudoir Medical (run by Dr Ayesha Docrat) is a trained doctor so having both the medical expertise and the glamour of a beauty salon made my entire experience perfect. 

The treatment...

During my skin consultation everything was clearly explained to me and again before the treatment started, Dr Docrat explained to me in great detail why cellulite happens and how the Pollogen technology works to break down the fat cells and how it works to reduces the orange peel appearance that we know and hate!! It was actually so incredibly interesting, as I've read up extensively about cellulite over the years and listening to Dr Docrat explaining it from a medical point of view really shed some light in comparison to all of the celebrity cellulite stories and articles I read in magazines! I knew I was in safe hands and was getting the best treatment possible. 

The treatment lasted half an hour, Dr Docrat focused on my troubled areas for fifteen minutes on each thigh after asking me exactly which part bothered me the most and analysing my skin. In terms of pain I wouldn't say its the nicest feeling in the world because it wasn't- but that just shows me the Pollogen technology was actually working and making a difference to my cellulite which I could tell straight away after the treatment had finished! It didn't hurt but was just a little uncomfortable but just as you would expect from a machine that's working to break down fat cells!!I think if there wasn't any feeling from the treatment at all I'd be questioning how effective it really is. 

The Pollogen technology not only breaks down the fat cells that cause the appearance of cellulite it regenerates the collogen fibres which results in smoother skin. The break down of fat cells allows the skin to go back to its initial form and the strengthened collagen fibres ensure that the skin has the elasticity it requires. 

This celulite reduction treatment is safe, fast, effective and suitable for all skin types and from my first hand experience I can tell you results are immediate and as Dr Docrat tells me, long-term. I already want to go back and book in another cellulite reduction session just to banish the last bits! 

I can honestly say I feel theres a noticeable difference in the appearance of my cellulite, my thighs feel more toned and firm and I feel like its given me an all-round confidence boost just before I hit the beach this summer! I highly recommend paying Boudoir Beauty Parlour and Boudoir Medical a visit its a beauty haven and the Docrat sisters offer everything from body perfecting treatments including anti-wrinkle treatment, body contouring and stretch mark removal to manicures, pedicures and eyelash extensions- it's amazing!! 

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