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Thursday, 8 May 2014

I'd been suffering from severely chapped lips for about two months and no matter what I tried nothing seems to make a big enough difference, I even resorted to medically recommended lip balm which made my lips tingle to the point of pain! It did take away some of the dry skin and flakiness but they still looked dry and dehydrated. 

The lovely Victoria at ARK Skincare recommended I try their Plumping Lip Balm and said she absolutely swears by it, because of how many lip treatments I'd already tried at that point I wasn't feeling overly optimistic that this one would be the miracle lip balm to save my horrible looking chapped lips, but guess what? It was 'the one' thank goodness!! 

I'm not in the slightest bit exaggerating when I say this but I've never come across a lip balm as good as this. Some may think, 'ah well it's only a lip balm surely it doesn't matter'...but it does to me, and it will to anyone that constantly suffers from dry lips- its a saviour. 

I love the luxurious/ unusual glass pot it comes in and the super hygienic pump dispenser (I have a pet hate for lip balms that require you to put your fingers in to get it out- so gross! Bacteria bath!) ARK's lip balm actually makes you want to keep getting it out of your bag to keep using it as an excuse as the packaging is just so satisfying!! 

Protect, Hydrate & Prime

ARK's Plumping Lip Balm really does have an instant 'plumping' effect to your pout, it injects kissable life into your lips whilst soothing and hydrating them to the max! It also makes for the perfect lip foundation ready for your lipstick to be applied- as sometimes when you apply lipstick to even slightly dry lips it obsorbs into the lines of your lips and ends up looking hideous! If there's one thing I've learnt so far this year its to prime everything you can- it makes an unbelievable difference to the final look! 

Have a happy Friday and remember to love your lips! 

Mwah xx 

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