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Thursday, 22 May 2014

After the last few days of experiencing this glorious summer sunshine I woke up this morning feeling summer skin focused especially after reading a very interesting article published by The Independent online called 'Tiny Plastic Timebomb' about the damaging effect of pollutants included in our cosmetics and in particular damaging plastic micro beads. Reading this article made me truly appreciate how wonderful ARK Skincare really is, as their products are completely free from plastic micro beads. 

The damaging effect of Plastic Micro Beads...

Many exfoliators use plastic micro beads, which can be damaging to our skin and create disastrous consequences for the environment. These tiny particles are washed down the sink and end up in our seas as they are too small to be filtered out. Once in the sea, these pollutants are consumed by marine wildlife, including sea creatures, fish and birds, and the results can be fatal. There is also the risk that toxins from the plastics could end up in the food chain and pose a real threat to humans. Scary stuff...

My Summer Skin Regime...

I've been spending a lot of time to properly exfoliate my face using my ARK Age Prepare skin refining exfoliator as well as applying my Age Prepare Masque once a week, and the difference in my complexion has been undoubtably noticeable- even my boyfriend has commented a few times on how radiant and clear my skins looking, which really proves it's working wonders!! Up until now my skin has had more regular break outs and generally looking a tad dull and lifeless so I can see a big difference after being so religious with my skincare regime. 

As well as concentrating on my daily skincare regime and drinking lots of water and increasing my fruit and veg intake as part of my long term health plan, I've also been introduced to a brand new product that I have a feeling will replace my foundation over the hot summer months and will be a definite holiday makeup must- have!

Summer Complexion...

This wonder product is Chanel's newest makeup launch, Les Beiges Multi-Action, All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid. It's gorgeous... so fresh and luminous, it adds instant radiance and beautifies your complexion straight away with a natural glow only a summer of sun can create! Formulated with a complex of cotton flower and white rose plant cells this product becomes one with the skin and allows it to breathe whilst protecting and nourishing at the same time. 

I've been applying my ARK SPF Primer after cleansing and moisturising each morning and then applying my Chanel Healthy Glow Fluid and I'm seriously impressed with how much it adds and enhances my complexion. I would recommend using a foundation over the top of the healthy glow fluid if you are prone to imperfections and spots to give allow for coverage, as it doesn't offer the coverage of a foundation but if you have good skin and want to let it breathe whilst enhancing the glow then you are sure to LOVE this product on its own! 

Chantecaille Les Petales de Rose

I've used this beautiful illuminating face powder to highlight my cheek bones and create a gorgeous summer look- I love how the pink pigment brings my whole complexion to life- such a lovely product! Full review coming next week its so amazing its worth its own write up!  

(In the photo above I've highlighted my cheeks using Chantecaille Illuminating Face Powder -'Les Petales de Rose' and used Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess eyeshadow palette for my eyes, Tom Ford lipstick in Nude Vanille and Chanel's Healthy Glow Fluid in No.20 to achieve this look) 

JRP xx 


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