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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How beautiful is this Arctic grey leather Diary? It's by one of my favourite luxury leather accessories brands, Noble Macmillan and I know it might seem like an unlikely time to be investing in a diary but I'm feeling super organised this Springtime!

It happens to be a rather hectic time in my world at the moment for both work and play with hen dos, weddings, holidays and beauty events quickly filling up my days, weeks and weekends. Exciting times but I need to get some control over it all and there's literally no better way to do that than get pen to paper to make sure I don't miss a thing!

Although I do like the convenience of my Iphone diary I unfortunately had a situation the other week where I completely missed a meeting with a friend for coffee- it was highly annoying as you can imagine!!  Sometimes technology fails us which is why I wanted to go back to old school with a good old fashioned paper diary! And what better diary than this perfectly sized Noble Macmillan leather diary?

I say perfectly sized as its not too small like my Smythson notebook allowing you to open it out and really plan your weeks without losing where you are and has VERY handy 'To Do' sections on each page which makes an ideal diary to take to meetings almost like having a diary and a notebook rolled into one! Multi-purpose stationary is ALWAYS the best! This Arctic Mezzo Diary allows you to jot down event dates during your meetings as well as taking down notes next to the week of your choice meaning you're as organised as ever!! and if there's one thing I love its organisation! Organised Luxury which is a great way to sum up my thoughts of my new best friend, My Noble Macmillan dairy!

To buy yours now click here:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

JRP xx

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