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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April is here!! Which means one very important thing...we're one step closer to summer!! Hurrah, I can almost feel the hot sunshine bronzing my body and the feel of sand in between my toes... one can wish! But in true April fashion I'm embracing this beautiful new month by sharing with you, my lovely readers my most loved beauty treats of the moment that will take you from the cold dull weather into the sunshine looking and feeling as gorgeous as ever! I've been trying and testing out lots of products over the last month so here's my top picked products, they all have my ultimate seal of approval so I hope you enjoy them as much as I am at the moment...

Ark Anti-Ageing Skin Protector SPF 30

If I could recommend one luxury beauty product to invest in this Spring it would 100% be Ark's Anti-Ageing primer it's truly heavenly. I haven't stopped raving about it since I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago after being recommended to try it by the lovely Victoria at Ark. 
Ok, not only is it Ant-Ageing and SPF 30 (big thumbs up for this), which is just ideal given the season and the fact our faces will be exposed more over the next few months to the suns damaging rays than the rest of the year, but it honestly makes the BIGGEST difference to the appearance of your face totally smoothing out imperfections and solving the issue of open and visible pores. This daily defence Primer is wonderful either worn on its own as well as being the most perfect base for your foundation too, leaving a glowingly flawless and super hydrated look to the skin. Buy yours here.

Laura Mercier Lip Glace's SS14 Shades

The new Laura Mercier Lip Glaces are perfectly pigmented colours with high shine, ideal to complete your spring time pretty look! They glide on your lips easily leaving a high shine finish and last longer than most glosses I've experienced which is always a good thing as that kind of puts me off using a gloss sometimes but Laura Mercier has fine tuned this product down to a T.

Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser with Peach Essential Water

As you will know if you regularly read my blog I change my skincare regime every few months to experiment with new products and brands as my skin becomes immune to using the same cleanser/toner and moisturiser so I like to keep my complexion on its toes as well as wanting to see whats new on the skincare market to share my findings with my lovely readers! This Spring I'm testing Clarins Water Comfort Cleanser and to tell the truth I wasn't actually overly hopeful about it before I tried it as I was worried it wouldn't make a big enough impact on my skin because of the fact its water like and I usually like creamer cleansers like my all time favourite Liz Earle cleanser, but I remained open minded and I'm so glad I did. 
This cleanser feels so refreshing on the skin and in one easy sweep you can see all traces of makeup dissolve from your face which must be down to the Moringa Seed extract I'm told! The peach's softening and smoothing properties leave your skin feeling supple and velvety soft. I recommend using the Extra Comfort Toning Lotion after cleansing for the ultimate Clarins cleansing experience. 

Sally Hansen Nail Saviours 
I've always been one for natural, healthy and super strong nails after my younger years of being totally obsessed with gel and then shellac and experiencing them weakening my nails and making them flakey and brittle. My nails are now the strongest they've ever been which is down to Sally Hansen's wonderful nail varnishes and cuticle oil- I don't know what I'd do without it! If you suffer from short, weak and brittle nails I can't recommend investing in Cuticle Rehab, Complete Care (Extra moisturising 4-in-1 nail treatment and then finishing off with Insta-Dry (super fast drying top coat) Click here for full range:http://bit.ly/PiI2rz

HER Volumising Powder 

Big things do come in small packages in this case as this light little tub creates the most AMAZING volume for your roots!!! It's SO good if, like me, you have flat lifeless roots with next to no volume. It's a miracle in a tub and it's so small it fits perfectly in your bag for a root refresh half way through the day. It's a weightless powder that kind of feels tacky to the touch but doesn't leave any white residue on your hair and instantly transforms your look!

Have a happy April everyone, I'm reviewing self tan, anti-wrinkle eye -cream and some home luxuries next so watch this space! JRP x


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