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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Beauty brand Concoction  sent me this super cool personalised shampoo and conditioner WITH MY NAME ON!! I'm overly impressed with the level of thought and care that's gone into the branding of the products and even more impressed after reading up about Concoction and how it works. The concept is unlike anything I've seen yet on the market...

Concoction's Mixology Technology is a brand new innovation in hair care and conditioning where each blend is individually personalised by trained Mixologists; a 230ml fragranced 'Base Blend' is mixed with two of eight 'SuperSerum' shots, a concentrated bend of natural extracts, vitamins, and scientific actives, creating a unique shampoo for you (ShampYou) blend- 256 individual blends combinations can be created! 

I'm a beauty blogger obsessed with personal touches in every possible way, if I can mark my own stamp on something I most certainly will so Concoction appeals to me in more ways than one. Not only does the shampoo smell delicious and leave your hair feeling silky soft and glossy to look at the very fact you can quite literally mix your own 'concotions' and preferences of blend combinations is just genius! No longer do you have to choose from already mixed shampoos, you can be a fussy as you like (perfect for me!) and not even in terms of fragrance preference but Concoction is a prescriptive system that delivers multiple benefits in relation to your haircare needs taking personalisation to a new level! 

I also like the fact you get two 'SuperSerum' shots to add to your shampoo, once added you shake your shampoo bottle like a cocktail bottle! I've been sent 'Gimme More Moisture SuperSerum' and 'Back To Your Roots SuperSerum'. 

Create your very own Personal blend here at- www.concoction.co.uk or exclusively available at BeautyMART at Harvey Nichols, Topshop Oxford Street and Boxpark, Debhenhams Oxford Street and Selfridges. 

Alex Epstein founder of Concoction and Chef Mixologist has recently launched a crow-funding campaign where the brand is offering people the chance to try the products with some amazing discounts, plus a bundle of extra special perks (just like my personalised bottle!) please visit www.concoctionclub.com for further details! 

JRP xx  

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